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Posted: 16 Oct 2007

Here are the more major new features in Reload 2.5:


Reload is a "set it and forget it" piece of software. And although Reload just hums along without any assistance, it's nice to get a better sense of the status of your Reload system. Here's how Reload 2.5 improves monitoring:

a. Now in one place you can configure Reload to notify you of job completions or job errors with an e-mail message. What's nice about this feature, too, is that you can send yourself test e-mail messages so you know just how an error message might look. This way you can create GroupWise rules that might act on those error messages.

b. Each profile has its own event and agent log files. These log files are now exposed through the web administration interface.

c. You can view an entire event and agent log, which is useful for analysis and troubleshooting.


a. It just looks a lot better now.

b. For post office and domain profiles, the name of the most current backup is now displayed.

c. The description of a profile is now displayed in the Reload Web Administration interface, and when hovering with the mouse over the Reload profile name.

d. The interface makes more use of tabs, in which related tasks are grouped under a tab.


One of the biggest Reload support issues for Reload has been customers who didn't allocate enough disk space. Reload 2.5 decreases the amount of disk space needed for on-site and off-site Reload servers. Off-site Reload servers see the biggest benefit. Prior to Reload 2.5 if you had an off-site Reload server with a post office profile, you needed about 500% of the size of the post office allocated at a minimum. Now you only need 150%. So for example, if a post office is 100 gigabytes, the off-site Reload server only needs to have 150 gigabytes dedicated to the profile for that post office.


There are so many features in Reload, customers don't necessarily know if they are using them all. To help customers know if they are using all the features of Reload on a particular profile, they can just look at the Profile Info screen that tells all of the major features in Reload that are being used for that particular profile.


a. Retain can dredge GroupWise mailboxes from Reload, rather than dredging the live GroupWise system. Cool!

b. You can configure Reload to report the backup time stamps along with the retention timestamps after each standard backup job. This is useful information to have, because with Retain in play, users cannot delete an item until it is backed up with Reload and dredged by Retain. With Reload reporting timestamps, it will be easier to troubleshoot when Retain last dredged a GroupWise post office.


Reload is now the fastest and highest consistency backup for GroupWise. Backing up a GroupWise mailbox is not just a matter of backing up one single database file. The GroupWise message store uses a tremendously efficient distributed message storage model, which helps GroupWise scalability and performance. The distributed message storage model does pose difficulties when it comes to backups. Although each user's mailbox is an actual single database, the mailbox is actually a set of pointers to message items that are in several different physical files in the GroupWise message store.

The biggest challenge to getting a consistent backup is messages that come in to a user's mailbox during the time of the backup. Some backup software try to resolve this potential problem by locking GroupWise mailboxes during the time of backup. Other backup solutions try to resolve this problem by taking a second pass at the GroupWise message store. Both of these methods are problematic. Reload uses a unique method that provides a 100% guarantee that the problems with messages coming in during the backup period will be backed up. And best of all, Reload does not need to take a second pass at the GroupWise message store.

What makes Reload the fastest backup for GroupWise is the fact that Reload uses 11 simultaneous connections to a GroupWise post office in order to backup up the incremental changes of the post office. Here are some benchmarks:

  • A NetWare cluster with a 317 Gigabyte post office is backed up by Reload over a Gigabit LAN in 35 minutes a night.
  • A SLES10 60 Gigabyte post office is backed up by Reload over a Gigabit LAN in 10 minutes a night.


There's a bunch of background stuff that isn't visible but makes Reload all the better. For example, Reload recovers better in scenarios where there is a loss of connectivity to the server that Reload is backing up.

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