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Cool Blog: GroupWiseR Summit in Bruges, Belgium

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By Alex Evans

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Posted: 23 Oct 2007

At the beginning of December I will be travelling to the beautiful city of Bruges in Belgium to take part in the GroupWiseR Summit. GroupWiseR is a initiative that was started by a bunch of enthusiastic GroupWise consultants across Europe, including Erno de Korte from the Netherlands. I currently count 25 hands-on sessions that you can attend, delivered by 25 speakers from Novell and partners:

  • Cobus Burgers - GroupWise Bonsai - Collaboration Redefined
  • Tim Heywood & David Baldry - Making Teaming + Conferencing Workflow work
  • Diethmar Rimser & Arnaud Delin - Getting Things Done - How to Enable your GroupWise Power Users
  • Tim Draper & Tommy Mikkelsen - Advanced Workshop on GroupWise Web Services (SOAP/XML)
  • Sander van Vugt & Patrick Frontéri - Clustering GroupWise on pure Linux
  • Jan-Arie Snijders - Advanced Troubleshooting with Novell Support
  • Diethmar Rimser - Diving deep into Outlook - Can it get any better?
  • Denis de Wit & Peter Reck - M+Archive in Real Live - Building a Customer Case
  • Matt Hillier & Ancel Schouwink - Expand Your Vision! GroupLink's everything HelpDesk not just for I.T.
  • Uli Neumann & Uwe Krause - Your World at your Fingertips - Redline 3
  • Stéphane Zanoni & Aldo Zanoni - How Omni Can Really Make Your GroupWise Rock
  • Mark Pletsch & Tariq Tahir - Beyond BlackBerry Enterprise Server Quick Start Edition
  • Václav *am*a - Advanced Usage of eDirectory with GroupWise
  • Tim Draper & Tommy Mikkelsen - Understanding GroupWise Web Services (SOAP/XML Protocol)
  • Tim Heywood & David Baldry - Keeping Novell Teaming + Conferencing in Good Shape
  • Cobus Burgers & Johan van Zyl - Connect Novell Teaming to GroupWise DMS using SOAP
  • Denis de Wit - M+Guardian - Troublefree SPAM + AV protection
  • Uwe Krause & Uli Neumann - From Now to Eternity - GroupWise Archiving and Compliance with Retain
  • Svetlin Petrov & Tim Heywood - Installing & deploying Novell Teaming + Conferencing
  • Danita Zanrè & Stéphane Bullou - GroupWise Mobile Server on Linux - Way to Go!
  • Danita Zanrè & Patrick Frontéri - Upgrading to GroupWise Bonsai
  • Paul van der Cruyssen - Freeware Tools for the GroupWise Administrator
  • Svetlin Petrov - Deploying GroupWise Bonsai on Linux
  • Paul van der Cruyssen - GroupWise Backup & Restore - Quick & Easy?
  • Suresh Seth - Make GroupWise Mobile Server shine with Nokia Modules

If you have not been to one of these before it is well worth the trip - it is a small event, 75 attendees and 25 speakers, which means that you get a lot of one-on-one time with the experts. And of course, it is in Bruges, which is about my favorite city in the world. Like Venice, only less smelly.

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