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Hands-on Lab to Integrate SugarCRM to GroupWise Offered at GroupWiseR EMEA Summit

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 26 Oct 2007

Attend the GroupWiseR EMEA Summit to Get Hands-on Training on Integrating CRM / ERP and Other Third-party Applications to GroupWise

Omni is sponsoring a three-hour lab at the GroupWiseR EMEA Summit. This lab will provide hands-on training on how to install and configure Riva's CRM Integration Strategy for GroupWise. For more information on how to register for the GroupWiseR EMEA Summit, go to:

Omni Lab110 - Integrate CRM / ERP, Secure Distribution Lists and more to GroupWise


Companies are looking to integrate critical business processes and information in a more tightly integrated manner with GroupWise. They are also looking at ways to decrease costs, increase security and securely delegate user account management tasks to lower-paid, non-technical staff.

This three-part lab will teach you how to use Riva to push content to GroupWise accounts and connect third-party databases and external applications to GroupWise. You will install and configure eControl to replace ConsoleOne, iManager, NWAdmin and Microsoft Management Console for help desk staff and junior administrators.

Module 1: Configure Riva's Collaboration Integration Modules to create policies to automatically manage and push GroupWise content to your user accounts for:

  • Secure Distribution Lists
  • Dynamic Distribution Lists
  • Managed Signatures
  • Common Calendars
  • Common Proxy Access
  • Common Address Books
  • Common Folders (shared and non-shared)
  • Rules Report
  • Proxy Access Report
  • GroupWise Archive Path Report
  • Shared Calendars Report
  • Shared Address Books Report
  • Shared Folders Report

Module 2: Install and Configure Riva's CRM Integration Solution for GroupWise

This module will cover the key deployment and technical considerations of integrating HR, CRM, and ERP applications; third-party databases; and other line-of-business applications to GroupWise. You will learn how to connect individual Riva modules to third-party applications to provide external systems-based GroupWise secure distribution lists, system and user calendars, tasks, address books, folders, proxy access, etc.

SugarCRM will be used as the CRM and third-party application for this module. You will learn how to configure Riva to provide complete and transparent integration between SugarCRM and GroupWise. Emails and anything else that happens in SugarCRM is replicated to GroupWise and vice versa.

Module 3: Install and Configure eControl Help Desk, Account Provisioning and User Self-Service

You will install and configure eControl to replace ConsoleOne, iManager, NWAdmin and Microsoft Management Console to provide web-based, delegated, "ZERO-Rights" user account management for GroupWise, eDirectory, Active Directory and Exchange. You will configure eControl against one eDirectory and GroupWise system and one Active Directory and Exchange system and learn how to configure search and task authority to non-technical people. You will deploy eControl Account Create / Manager and create account create Wizards.

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