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Omni Announces CRM Integration Initiative for GroupWise

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2007

Omni Technology Solutions is pleased to announce its Riva SugarCRM Integration Agent for GroupWise. Interested parties are invited to register for an on-line web seminar to learn more about Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise.

Riva's SugarCRM support marks an important first step in Omni's plans to deliver third-party database integration support for GroupWise. Riva is the ideal complement to GroupWise for companies that are looking to deliver critical business processes in a more tightly integrated manner.

Historically, most companies have struggled with CRM implementations because of the overall complexity of mapping business processes to technology solutions. Omni's Riva CRM integration initiative enables companies to connect third-party databases and external applications to their GroupWise system and user calendars, tasks, address books and mailboxes. It's about allowing user and system calendars and distribution lists to be populated by HR and other line of business applications. It's about populating system-managed GroupWise distribution lists and address books with information from external sources.

Omni's CRM Integration strategy will open up GroupWise to virtually all third-party applications. Omni chose SugarCRM as its first integrated CRM application target for Riva, because SugarCRM is one of the most deployed and fastest growing Open Source CRM solutions. By leveraging the value of SugarCRM and GroupWise on Linux, customers can benefit from the best of both worlds: highly secure, scalable collaboration with GroupWise and the advantages of enterprise quality Open Source CRM delivered by SugarCRM. GroupWise is well known for its security, scalability, reliability and cross-platform server and desktop support and provides mission critical collaboration for companies of all sizes and complexities around the world.

The first release of Omni Technology Solutions' Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise will provide email and contact integration. Emails sent from SugarCRM become GroupWise Sent Items. Riva's "Live Address Book" integrates accounts and contacts from SugarCRM to GroupWise address books. Customer related internal GroupWise emails can be assigned to SugarCRM accounts and contacts.

Riva's third-party integration strategy for GroupWise delivers on a long-standing need in the GroupWise community. Using Riva, GroupWise customers now have a solution to seamlessly integrate their third-party application data into GroupWise. GroupWise users can now 'live' in GroupWise rather than having to flip back and forth between GroupWise and their CRM to try to keep track of emails and calendar and contact information. Research indicates that GroupWise administrators are not interested in adding multiple additional servers or additional system complexity to provide third-party database integration with GroupWise. GroupWise administrators do not want to install software on each desktop or provide advanced client training to users. By building on Riva's clientless GroupWise Collaboration Integration platform, Omni has been able to create a solution that satisfies these criteria.

Riva's third-party integration GroupWise requires GroupWise 7. It is a GroupWise Trusted Application that is configured on GroupWise 7 SOAP-enabled Post Offices running on NetWare, Linux or Windows. There are no additions or changes required on the GroupWise clients. This means GroupWise users can access their integrated third-party information on their Linux, Macintosh, Windows, WebAccess and GroupWise Mobile Server mobile clients.

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