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Samba Configuration and File Sharing on SLES 10

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By Rajesh Lingam

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Posted: 29 Oct 2007

When a need arises for a User to access Shared Files or Directories of a Linux machine, an easier method of doing this would be to configure Samba. These shared resources can be then accessed on a Windows or Linux device by mapping or mounting the same.

This document first talks about the Samba Configuration on the SLES 10. The later part of the document would provide an information as to how the shared resources on Linux can be mapped or mounted on the Windows / Linux devices.

SAMBA Configuration on SLES10 / SLES10 SP1:

On your SLES device, open YaST (as 'root' user). Use the console (yast2) or the Application Browser (yast).

Navigate to Network Services > Network Services (xinetd)

Find the swat service, select and click the Toggle Status (On or Off) button to toggle on. Then click Finish.

Now in the YaST Control Center, click on System -> System Services (Runlevel).

Select and then click the Enable button for the following services: [nmb, smb, smbfs, xinetd]

In the YaST Control Center, click on Network Services -> Samba Server.

Under the Start Up tab, ensure that the option Service Start - During Booting is checked. If the Firewall is turned ON, then check Open Port in Firewall.

Now click on the Identity tab and fill in your Workgroup or Domain Name (the exact name as your Windows workgroup). Next make sure that you set the Domain Controller to NO DC. Then, for the NetBIOS Host Name, enter the name you want for your computer. Click Finish when done.

You can edit more options like password based sharing in smb.conf [/etc/samba/smb.conf] file.

This completes the Samba Configuration. The following sections describe the method to share the files / directories.

How to share a File or Directory:

Navigate to Yast2 -> Network Services -> Samba Server

Navigate to Share and click Add.

Provide the share name and browse the folder or path which you want to share. You can also edit the shared folder details here.

Procedure to access the above shared files in LINUX/Windows using Command line:


To see shared files:

showmount  -e  $machine_Name

To mount those files on to your local machine:

mount -p $shared_Location $mount_Location


To see shared files, Click on Start -> Run -> Type in Linux Hostname / IP Address

To Map those shared files, execute the following command at the DOS Command Line:

net  use  <Map directory >  <Shared file path > /USER:<User name>
Ex: net use  v:  \\\sles10  /USER:root

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