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Keyboard Shortcuts: Squashing the Evasive Mouse Syndrome

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Anita K. Moore

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Posted: 13 Nov 2007

Are you like me? You and your mouse just don't get along? Is its pointer in the upper left-hand corner when you need it in the lower right-hand corner? And, when you try to move the mouse, it evades you like you were a cat? By the time you get the mouse to cooperate, you just know that there was another way you could have completed that action faster than using the mouse. What's a user to do?

Well, here is a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts and keystrokes that will ease the evasive mouse syndrome in GroupWise 6.5.3.

Happy Keying!

File Menu



New Mail

Alt + F, N, M or Ctrl + M

New Appointment

Alt + F, N, A or Ctrl + Shift + A

New Task

Alt + F, N, T or Ctrl + Shift + T

New Reminder Note

Alt + F, N, N or Ctrl + Shift + R

New Discussion/Note

Alt + F, N, S

New Phone Message

Alt + F, N, P or Ctrl + Shift + P

New Checklist Item

Alt + F, N, I

New Instant Message

Alt + F, N, I

New Document

Alt + F, N, D or Ctrl + D

New Document Version

Alt + F, N, V

New Document Reference

Alt + F, N, R or Ctrl + Shift + D

New Folder

Alt + F, N, F

New Contact

Alt + F, N, C

New Resource

Alt + F, N, E

New Organization

Alt + F, N, O

New Group

Alt + F, N, G

Open Archive

Alt + F, V

Open Backup

Alt + F, B

Open View

Alt + F, W

Save As

Alt + F, A

Import Documents

Alt + F, D

Import POP2/IMAP

Alt + F, I


Alt + F, O


Alt + F, H


Alt + F, E


Alt + F, P or Ctrl + P

Print Calendar

Alt + F, L


Alt + F, R

Mode, Online

Alt + F, M, O

Mode, Caching

Alt + F, M, C

Mode, Remote

Alt + F, M, R


Alt + F, X or Alt + F4



Edit Menu





Alt + E, T or Ctrl + X


Alt + E, C or Ctrl + C


Alt + E, P or Ctrl + V

Select All

Alt + E, A or Ctrl + A

Add Calendar Tab

Alt + E, B


Alt + E, D or Del (Delete Key)

Delete and Empty

Shift + Del (Delete Key)


Not Available

Retract and Delete

Not Available

Delete Sent Item

Not Available


Alt + E, U

Empty Trash

Alt + E, M

Change to Mail

Alt + E, H, M

Change to Appointment

Alt + E, H, A

Change to Task

Alt + E, H, T

Change to Reminder Note

Alt + E, H, N

Change to Phone Message

Alt + E, H, P

Change to More

Alt + E, H, O


Alt + E, R

Move/Link to Folders

Alt + E, K

Find Text

Alt + E, X or F2

Find Next

Alt + E, N or F3

Find Previous

Alt + E, V or Ctrl + F3



View Menu




Toolbar, Main

Alt + V, T, M

Toolbar, Item Context

Alt + V, T, I

Toolbar, Folder Context

Alt + V, T, F

Toolbar, Display Settings

Alt + V, T, D

Folder List

Alt + V, L


Alt + V, Q or Ctrl + Q

Display Settings, Select

Alt + V, D, S

Display Settings, Edit/Create

Alt + V, D, E

Display Settings, Details

Alt + V, D, D

Display Settings, Discussion Threads

Alt + V, D, T

Display Settings as Calendar

Alt + V, D, C

Display Settings as Checklist

Alt + V, D, H

Display Settings, Received Items

Alt + V, D, R

Display Settings, Sent Items

Alt + V, D, I

Display Settings, Posted Items

Alt + V, D, P

Display Settings, Draft Items

Alt + V, D, A

Display Settings, Sort

Alt + V, D, O

Appointment Display, Grid

Alt + V, M, G

Appointment Display, Text

Alt + V, M, X

Appointment Display, Time ? None

Alt + V, M, T, N

Appointment Display, Time ? 10 Minutes

Alt + V, M, T, M

Appointment Display, Time ? 15 Minutes

Alt + V, M, T, I

Appointment Display, Time ? 20 Minutes

Alt + V, M, T, U

Appointment Display, Time ? 30 Minutes

Alt + V, M, T, T

Appointment Display, Time ? 1 Hour

Alt + V, M, T, H

Appointment Display, Time ? 2 Hours

Alt + V, M, T, O

QuickView, Read Next

Alt + Dn (Down Arrow Key)

QuickView, Read Prev

Alt + Up (Up Arrow Key)

QuickView, Next Attach

Alt + Right (Right Arrow Key)

QuickView, Prev Attach

Alt + Left (Left Arrow Key)

QuickView, Page Down

Alt + PgDn (Page Down Key)

QuickView, Page Up

Alt + PgUp (Page Up Key)

QuickView, Up One Level

Not Available

QuickView Toolbar

Alt + V, W, Q

QuickView Attachment Window

Alt + V, W, A

QuickView Long Folder List

Alt + V, W, L

QuickView Plain Text

Alt + V, W, P

QuickView HTML

Alt + V, W, H

Threads, Next

Ctrl + Right

Threads, Previous

Ctrl + Left

Threads, Expand


Threads, Collapse


Thread, Mark Read

Ctrl + K

Thread, Watch

Ctrl + W

Thread, Ignore

Ctrl + I

Thread, Collapse All

Alt + V, A, C

Thread, Expand All

Alt + V, A, E

Thread, Delete

Ctrl + Shift + Del

Filter, Edit/Create

Alt + V, F, T

Filter, Clear

Alt + V, F, L

Next Unread Item

Alt + V, X or Ctrl + Alt + Dn

Prev Unread Item

Alt + V, V or Ctrl + Alt + Up

Go to Today

Alt + V, G or Ctrl + G

Go to Date

Alt + V, O

Change Calendar View

Alt + V, C


Alt + V, R or F5



Actions Menu





Alt + A, O or Ctrl + O


Alt + A, V


Alt + A, A or Ctrl + Y

Accept with Options

Alt + A, W


Alt + A, D or Ctrl + Shift + Y

Decline with Options

Alt + A, P


Alt + A, R


Not Available

Forward as Attachment

Alt + A, F


Alt + A, T


Alt + A, S

Show Appointment as Free

Alt + A, W, F

Show Appointment as Tentative

Alt + A, W, T

Show Appointment as Busy

Alt + A, W, B

Show Appointment as Out of Office

Alt + A, W, O

Move to Archive

Alt + A, H


Not Available

Junk Mail, This item not eligible for Junk Mail Handling

Not Available

Junk Mail, Junk Mail Handling

Not Available

Version List

Alt + A, N

Copy Document

Alt + A, Y

Check Out

Alt + A, U

Check In

Alt + A, I

Reset Document Status

Alt + A, R


Not Available

Mark Private

Alt + A, M or F8

Mark Completed

Alt + A, C

Categories, Appointment

Not Available

Categories, Completed

Not Available

Categories, In Progress

Not Available

Categories, Outstanding

Not Available

Categories, Urgent

Not Available

Categories, Follow-up

Not Available

Categories, Personal

Not Available

Categories, Low Priority

Not Available

Categories, More

Not Available

Read Later

Alt + A, L or Ctrl + R

Mark Read

Alt + A, K

Move to Checklist Folder

Not Available

Show in Checklist

Not Available

Checklist Actions, New Checklist Item

Not Available

Checklist Actions, Hide Non-checklist Items

Not Available

Checklist Actions, Move to Top

Not Available

Checklist Actions, Move to Bottom

Not Available

Checklist Actions, Move Up

Not Available

Checklist Actions, Move Down

Not Available

NNTP Newsgroup Actions, Subscribe to Newsgroup

Not Available

NNTP Newsgroup Actions, New Discussion

Not Available

NNTP Newsgroup Actions, Collapse All Threads

Not Available

NNTP Newsgroup Actions, Expand All Threads

Not Available

NNTP Newsgroup Actions, Mark All Read

Not Available

NNTP Newsgroup Actions, Search on Server

Not Available



Tools Menu




Address Book

Alt + T, A

Messenger, Contact List

Alt + T, M, C

Messenger, Preferences

Alt + T, M, P

Dial Sender

Alt + T, D

Junk Mail Handling

Alt + T, J


Alt + T, R


Alt + T, F or Ctrl + F

Stop Find

Alt + T, T or Esc (Escape Key)

Busy Search

Alt + T, B

Date Difference

Alt + T, E

Mass Document Operations

Alt + T, U

Replace Document with Backup

Alt + T, P

Check Mailbox Size

Alt + T, Z

Repair Mailbox

Alt + T, M


Alt + T, O







Minimize GroupWise

Alt + W, M

Close Others

Alt + W, O

New Main Window

Alt + W, N


Alt + W, C

Calendar, Day

Not Available

Calendar, Week

Not Available

Calendar, Week and Calendar

Not Available

Calendar, Month

Not Available

Calendar, Month and Calendar

Not Available

Calendar, Year

Not Available

Calendar, Desk Calendar

Not Available

Calendar, Notebook

Not Available

Calendar, Day Projects

Not Available

Calendar, Day Planner

Not Available

Calendar, Project Planner

Not Available

Calendar, Appt (sm)

Not Available

Calendar, Note (sm)

Not Available

Calendar, Task (sm)

Not Available

Calendar, Multi-user

Not Available

1 Novell GroupWise ? Mailbox

Alt + W, 1

2 Mail From:

Alt + W, 2







Help Topics

Alt H + H or F1

What?s New

Not Available

User?s Guide

Alt H + U

Cool Solutions Web Community

Alt H + C

Novell GroupWise Home Page

Alt H + H

About GroupWise

Alt H + A



GroupWise Application Window Controls





Alt + Spacebar, R


Alt + Spacebar, M


Alt + Spacebar, S


Alt + Spacebar, N


Alt + Spacebar, X


Alt + Spacebar, C or Alt + F4

Always on Top

Alt + Spacebar, T



Shortcuts to use in the Item List

Open Selected Item in Item List

Ctrl + O, Ctrl + Enter, Enter or F4



Shortcuts to use Inside an Email




Bulleted List

Ctrl + Shift + L (perform keystroke once)

Numbered List

Ctrl + Shift + L (perform keystroke twice)

Lowercased Letter List

Ctrl + Shift + L (perform keystroke thrice)

Uppercased Letter List

Ctrl + Shift + L (perform keystroke fourfold)

Lowercased Roman Numeral

Ctrl + Shift + L (perform keystroke fivefold)

Uppercased Roman Numeral

Ctrl + Shift + L (perform keystroke sixfold)

Font Dialog Box


Bold Text

Ctrl + B

Italicize Text

Ctrl + I

Attach files to a message

Ctrl + L

Normal Text

Ctrl + N

Save email in Work in Progress folder

Ctrl + S

Underline Text

Ctrl + U

Undo Action

Ctrl + Z

Spell Checker

Ctrl + F1


Ctrl + Tab

Select one letter at a time

Shift + Right OR Left Arrow Key

Select one word at a time

Ctrl + Shift + Right OR Left Arrow Key

Select to beginning of line

Shift Home

Select to end of line

Shift + End

Go to the beginning of text

Ctrl + Home

Go to the end of text

Ctrl + End

Go to the beginning of a word

Ctrl + Left Arrow Key

Go to the end of a word

Ctrl + Right Arrow Key

Toggle the main GroupWise window & the recently opened item

Alt + F6

Send item

Alt + D or Alt + S

Properties of a selected item

Alt + Enter

Cycle through fields and buttons


Cycling through fields and buttons in reverse order

Shift + Tab



Shortcuts to use Inside an Dialog Box




To go to next tab

Ctrl + Tab

To go to the previous tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab


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