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Migrating CIFS to Samba on OES

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By Ruud van der Zwet

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Posted: 9 Nov 2007

In this article I will describe the migration from CIFS shares on NSS Volumes on OES NetWare to Samba shares on NSS Volumes on OES Linux.

In my environment we used CIFS (on NetWare) and Samba (on Linux) for Multifunctional scanners. Scanned documents will be stored on a NSS volume. The scanners could only browse to networks with ftp and smb protocols. We used smb in this configuration.

On OES NetWare, CIFS is automatically installed and running. CIFS can be configured with iManager. You can get useful CIFS information with the following commands:

cifs share		  (display all sharenames)
cifs share "sharename" 	  (display share configuration)
cifs info		  (display cifs parameters)
cifs connection		  (display cifs users connection information)

This information is used later in the Novell-samba configuration on OES Linux.

On OES Linux you have to do a little more to get Samba running:

  • Install Novell-samba and configure it.
  • LUM enable Samba users.
  • Samba enable users with the "Default Samba Default Password Policy".
  • Set a Universal password on Samba users.
  • Samba users must have NCP rights on directories (Samba shares).
  • Create Samba shares.

Install Novell-samba with YaST. Novell-samba adds LDAP to Samba by connecting to your LDAP server (eDirectory). Check if Novell-samba is installed with:

fs1:~ # rpm -qa novell-samba*

Configure Novell-samba in YaST, enter your LDAP servers ip address and validate with a eDirectory user to get access to the eDirectory. Enter the Base configuration context from where Samba users will be searched from. This information is stored in /etc/samba/smb.conf
A SMB object will be created in this context.

Because you are using LDAP to access your eDirectory, these users must be LUM (Linux User Management) enabled. This part is well described in the Novell documentation. Mostly you already done this when your using NSS Volumes on Linux, but it is not necessary.

Check if Novell-lum is installed with:

fs1:~ # rpm -qa novell-lum*

In iManager, Samba Management, enable the Linux user for Samba. This can only be done with LUM enabled users. Check if a user is LUM enabled with the command: id "username", you see information like uid, gid and groups. For example:

fs1:~ # id admin
uid=602(admin) gid=600(admingroup) groups=600(admingroup),606(lnxgroep)

In iManager, Passwords, Password policies, select the Samba users for the Default-Samba-Password-Policy and Set Universal Password for these users.

Give these Samba users, NCP rights to the directories you want to enable for Samba shares. You can do this om the Linux command line with "rights" or in a Windows environment with the Explorer (with the Novell Client installed).

You can create Samba shares by editing the /etc/samba/smb.conf file. Here you enter the CIFS information you collected on your OES Netware server.

To activate the changes in smb.conf you have to restart Samba with:

rcsmb restart.
fs1:~ # rcsmb restart
Shutting down Samba SMB daemon                           done
Starting Samba SMB daemon                                done

Samba shares should be accessible in Windows Explorer Network Environment.

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