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Cool Blog: GWAVACon Berlin and Customer Visits

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By Dean Lythgoe

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Posted: 13 Nov 2007

I had the great opportunity last month to be in Europe and to meet with several customers, partners, resellers and Novell employees. I wanted to briefly tell you about the trip and the interesting products we saw, and describe a little about our experience.

GWAVA puts on a great event! There were a couple of hundred people who spent three days learning about Novell's Open Collaboration, GroupWise (Bonsai), Novell Teaming + Conferencing, ZenWorks AND all of the great products produced by our Partners. If you have never been to GWAVACon, you are missing out! The next one is in San Diego, California in January.

Check out their website.

A lot of our partners were well-represented and provided some great solutions and additions to the Novell offerings. I will not try to mention them all here because I will forget someone and get whacked! However, we did have over 200 people spend time at the Novell Booth and walk through self-guided demos of Bonsai and Novell Teaming + Conferencing. Some spent hours asking questions and playing with the new features and new products. They also met with several of our partners and one of our customers - Nintendo. Nintendo was a big hit as they had Wii Consoles for everyone to play on. Greet beat everyone at boxing ...

Anyway - here is a list of a few of the cool new Partner products I saw ...

  • Ceedo Personal - GroupWise on a memory stick, plug it in, use it, pull it out and nothing is left on the machine. Ceedo Personal allows you to enjoy the convenience and productivity of your personal computer on any host PC.
  • GWAVA?s Vertigo - Centralized management of GroupWise client mailboxes
  • Advansys Filing Assistant - Helps you manage the email flow and the many folders you many have
  • SkyPhone - Unified Communications plug-in for Voice integrations with GroupWise

Just to name a few ...

After Berlin, we traveled to Nuremberg to visit the Novell SUSE office and give them demos of the Bonsai Linux Client. They have been hearing about the new Linux Client, but this was their first opportunity to see it. They went wild over the Multiple Calendars and Alternate Time Zones. We then went to Frankfurt to visit customers and meet with the Novell Sales office. We had a great visit with a major Novell OES customer who has been running Exchange for a long time. They wanted to learn about Novell Teaming + Conferencing, and after we talked to them about all of the cool features of T+C, we were able to talk to them about GroupWise and what it offers. T+C will open lots of doors for all of Novell's Collaboration products.

We then rented a car and drove to the Netherlands. The drive was fun - cruise control at 150km/h and four of us crammed into a Volvo. We visited the Novell Office in Capella and were able to meet with that team and talk about Bonsai.

Not sure if all of this is all that interesting - but wanted to share that there are GroupWise customers, partners and future clients all over the place. Our Partner Community is growing, our customer base is expanding, and the GroupWise ecosystem is healthy.

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