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Quick Start: NetWare WebAccess

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By Joe Harmon, Ralph Blood

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Posted: 8 May 2002

Disclaimer: This document is an installation guide to NetWare WebAccess. It is not intended to be a full resource to NetWare WebAccess. Its intent is to help the consumer with the default installation and configuration of this product. If additional configuration questions arise, it is suggested that you visit If additional troubleshooting is needed it is suggested that you visit or that you open a support incident with Novell Technical Support.

Installation of NetWare WebAccess

When NetWare 6.0 gets to the GUI screen you are presented several options of components to install. This document will only focus on NetWare WebAccess and the components that it depends on.

NetWare WebAccess required and optional components.

  • Novell Certificate Server. (Required)
  • Novell iPrint Services. (Optional)
  • Novell Net Storage Services. (Optional)
  • Novell GroupWise WebAccess. (Optional)
  • Novell LDAP (Required but unselectable)
  • NetWare Web Manager (Required)

(1) Select the desired components from the list and then select NEXT. If you desire the iPrint, NetStorage, or GroupWise WebAccess, you will need to have them already installed or select the available services here.

(2) WebAccess will be installed in a container called WEBACCESS. Where ever you decide to place that container is your choice. If you try and specify a different name for the WEBACCESS container, it will be treated as a separate OU. The name of the container for WebAccess has to be WEBACCESS. You can also browse out to a particular container by selecting the browse button.

(3) Here we can start the configuration of the Mail, Print, and File Gadget. If any of these options are selected you will need to have the services installed and working properly in order for these gadgets to work. However, even if they are not setup during this installation, you can configure them after the NetWare 6.0 installation has completed. This is shown later on in the documentation.

**NOTE** If you are using GroupWise WebAccess you will need to do some additional configuration after the installation is complete. The dialog box below explains the steps that need to be done.

(4) This last screen shows that WebAccess will be installed. Click FINISH to install WebAccess.

NetWare WebAccess Gadget Configuration

Here we can see that NetWare WebAccess creates several NDS objects under the WEBACCESS container. They are as follows:

  • Public object to present the authentication screen
  • Portal Configuration Object
  • Gadget
  • WebAccess Configuration Object.

WebAccess Configuration Object

(A) Below is a list under the General Tab for the WebAccess Configuration Object. Here are listed the Gadgets that are already installed and configured. To clear the configuration select the CLEAR CONFIGURATION button. To configure each object select the CONFIGURE button and it will take to you the next screen.

(B) Next you will be presented with a dialog box explaining that you are in the configuration wizard for NetWare WebAccess. Click NEXT to continue.

(C) Here you can select the services you would like to enable for WebAccess. If there was a services that was not listed in step (A) then you can select it here. After selecting the desired services click NEXT to continue.

(D) If HOME was selected then the first screen you will come to is your home page configuration. Put in the proper URL to configure your home page.

(E) If you selected iPrint then you will be prompted to enter in you IPP Printing Web Page. Click NEXT to continue.

**NOTE** You will need to have iPrint already set up at this point.

(F) If you selected NetStorage you will be presented with the NetStorage dialog box. You will need to put in the NetStorage URL to access that account.

** NOTE ** You will need to have NetStorage already set up at this point.

(G) Next will be the type of e-mail system that you have. Here you can select GroupWise WebAccess, NIMS, POP3/IMAP, Lotus Notes, or Microsoft Exchange e-mail system. For GroupWise WebAccess you will select the GroupWise WebAccess option and then select NEXT.

(H) Here you will be presented with the GroupWise WebAccess dialog box. You will need to put in the URL to you GroupWise WebAccess system. You can point to the index page or to the GO page if you use the /servlets/webacc extension as seen in the dialog box below.

**NOTE** You will need to have GroupWise WebAccess already set up at this point.

(I) If you desire to use NIMS then you will need to select the NIMS option and click NEXT.

(J) Here you are presented with the NIMS dialog box. You will need to configure the URL to point to the WebMail page of your NIMS server.

**NOTE** You will need to have NIMS already set up at this point.

(K) If you have POP3 or IMAP accounts then choose the POP3/IMAP BASED option and click NEXT.

(L) Here you would select the Protocol (IMAP or POP). Then you would put in the DNS name or IP address of the IMAP or POP3 server. You would then put in the IP or DNS name of the SMTP server and click NEXT.

(M) If you have Lotus Notes as your e-mail, you can select NOTES and click NEXT.

(N) Here you will need to put in the URL of the mail server. The protocol that you are using and the authentication type.

(O) If you are using a Microsoft Exchange server then you will need to select EXCHANGE and then NEXT.

(P) Here you will need to put in the URL that you use to access the Exchange server and then hit NEXT.

(Q) The last dialog that you will be presented with is the Summary of Services dialog. This will give you another chance to make sure that everything is correct before clicking on finish. If you are satisfied then go ahead and click on FINISH.

Accessing NetWare WebAccess

(1) Accessing NetWare WebAccess via the NetWare 6 home page.

** NOTE ** The OPEN WEBACCESS link in this page will send you to the JSP that is run by Apache.

(2) The other option is to access it via URL. An example is shown below.


(3) After logging in you will see the WebAccess gadgets. Here you can see the individual gadgets listed on the left hand side.

** IMPORTANT ** If you desire to implement more gadgets than what ships with NetWare WebAccess you can upgrade to Novell Portal Services. As of the shipping of NetWare 6 the following gadgets are available with Novell Portal Services.

Applet_Launcher, Authenticator, Citrix, Customizing, Exchange, Groupwise_Calendar, Groupwise_Mail, HTML, iFrame, MoreOverNewsGadget, NetworkFileGadget, NNTP, PhoneBook, PortalAdmin, PortalStats, Registration, RSS_News, ShortCuts, Topics, User_Admin, WebContent, WebMailGadget, XML_Remote, Change_Password, Notes, SelfAdmin, NIMS, StockTicker, Survey, and Query.

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