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Turn it Up with OpenGL in Linux

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By Jason Jones

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Posted: 2 Dec 2004

Most computer systems built in the last two years have 3D acceleration hardware, which can improve the performance of games, design software, and other graphics-intensive applications. This article will show you how to make sure you're getting the most from your hardware.

*warning* Just a friendly note - not all video cards support acceleration, so if your card is 3 or 4 years old, there's a good chance you won't be able to turn it on. But, it doesn't hurt to try.

To start, you'll need to open YaST.

In YaST, click the Hardware button in the left column, then click Graphics Card and Monitor.

Note: The graphics configuration tool may take a few moments to start.


A new window will open displaying your current graphics configuration.

If it says "3D Acceleration: Enabled" like the image above, you're done. Click Accept.

If it says "Disabled" or "Not Configured" click the Change button.

The next window looks like this.

Click on the "3D Acceleration" link.

To enable the acceleration, simply click the appropriate checkbox.

At this point a number of things could happen.

  1. If SUSE doesn't find any 3D-accelerated hardware, it'll most likely give you a message telling you so. In this case, to use 3D Acceleration, you need to buy an appropriate video card.
  2. If you've got the correct hardware, but need special drivers to enable it - it usually tells you exactly what you need to do to install the appropriate drivers. Just follow the instructions it gives you.
  3. In my case, it was already installed and enabled, so I just got a screen asking if I wanted to test, save, or cancel the changes.

So, I clicked on "save" and was done.

You'll most likely have to restart your X server to see the changes after you've enabled the acceleration. To do this, simply log out, and then back in. (System -> Log Out -> Log Out. You don't have to reboot)

With these new drivers, you should see a significant increase in speed in programs which use the acceleration. Be sure to read the article on screensavers after you've enabled your acceleration, and see the difference!

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