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IDACORP Energy Upgrades Their Windows/Sun Network

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By Cheryl Walton

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Posted: 3 Jun 2002

IDACORP Energy made the move into their new offices, they took a close look at their capable but aging Windows network. As they started looking for solutions to the problems they wanted to solve all roads, it seemed, led to Novell. Novell Connection's Cheryl Walton takes an in-depth look at the IDACORP network before and after Novell.

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In early 2001, before IDACORP Energy moved into its new office building on Mitchell Street in Boise, Idaho, the company's IT department had some networking decisions to make -- and not much time in which to make them. A wholly owned subsidiary of IDACORP Inc., IDACORP Energy is an energy marketing and services company that conducts business in 31 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. (For information about IDACORP Inc, visit

The first big decision the company's IT department had to make was whether to connect its new network to IDACORP Inc.'s corporate network or to create an independent network. For business reasons, Tami Spangler, IDACORP Energy's director of IT, opted to make IDACORP Energy's network independent.

As Spangler explains, the business needs of other IDACORP Inc. subsidiaries are quite different from IDACORP Energy's business needs and, therefore, so are the networking needs. For example, while network uptime is important for all of IDACORP Inc.'s subsidiaries, network uptime is critical for IDACORP Energy. Therefore, IDACORP Energy requires a particularly reliable, stable network. "We felt we could do a better job" of meeting IDACORP Energy's networking requirements by creating a separate network, Spangler adds.

Spangler and her department then had to decide what kind of network could best meet IDACORP Energy's needs. At its inception, IDACORP Energy's network didn't include any Novell products. However, after assessing the shortfalls of this network and determining the needs of IDACORP Energy's users, the company needed to make some changes. Today, that network is running ten products from Novell, including the following:

  • NetWare 6
  • Novell Cluster Services 1.6
  • Novell Portal Services 1.5
  • Novell iFolder 1.01
  • Novell eGuide 2.0
  • Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2
  • Novell eDirectory 8.5
  • Novell Account Management 2.1 for Windows 2000
  • Novell SecureLogin 2.51
  • Novell iChain 2.0

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