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NetWare, IP, and Load Balancing

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Posted: 17 Aug 2000

If you are planning to have a NW5.1 and a Pure IP environment, you may be wondering if it is possible to have load balancing on NW 5.1 and over IP. We know that with IPX load balancing is possible but what about over IP?

The Novell TID 2926169 describes the mechanisms for achieving Load Balancing IPX in a NetWare 4.1x environment. Novell Consulting believes that this approach will work equally well in a NetWare 5.1 server environment. As of April 2000, TID 10018756 states that Load balancing cannot natively be enabled for TCP/IP and third party software is required.

The Novell Web Site provides a listing of approved products. The only product matching the criteria of load balancing in a NetWare environment is that of "Intel Advanced Networking Services" which has been certified for NetWare 5. Further information is available from this page on Intel's support site.

There is also a 3rd-party product by NSI Software called NSI Balance. Iit provides load balancing and fault tolerance for IP, IPX and ATP. We've heard of some customers who's being using it for 3-4 years(+) and they're quite enthusiastic about it! It supports all Ethernet, Token-Ring and FDDI NIC's using ODI compliant drivers, so it should even work with the Xircom Cards on our laptops.

So don't go mad waiting for 6-pack! If you need it: - check out

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