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SSO Capability for iChain and NIMS

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By Kevin James

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Posted: 15 Feb 2001

This little servlet provides SSO capability for iChain and NIMS. Once a user is logged into iChain, if you put a link in their iChain pages to this servlet it transparently redirects requests and responses to and from the NIMS system, and pulls the authentication data out of the iChain UserSession object stored in the http Session.

So the browser thinks the servlet is NIMS, and NIMS thinks the servlet is the browser. Cool, eh? Of course, iChain and NIMS must be in the same tree, or at least have the same username/password. I think it'll work for any web-based application that uses the users CN (not DN) and NDS password, but it's only been tested with NIMS.

Disclaimer: This was written for a specific project, so make sure you test it carefully before you use it on another system.

Put the attached jar file in your SERVLETCLASSPATH, then add the following lines to

  • # Nims SSO servlet
  • servlet.NimsRedirector.code=com.novell.nims_sso.NimsSSOServlet
  • servlet.NimsRedirector.initArgs=NimsRedirector.nims URL=
    (Editor's Note: we had to break this last line between "nims" and "URL" in order to post it on our page, but when you enter it, do not add a space between anything.)

Obviously you replace with the address:port of your NIMS service. You can then put a link on one of your iChain pages to,

and voila!

Download the file.

If you have any questions you may contact Kevin at

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