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Test OAC Plugins Before Installation

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By Nicolas Barcet

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Posted: 23 Feb 2001

Current Version: iChain 1.5

Here is a simple interface to test out an OAC plugin without ICS. Compliments of a very cool Novell Consultant in Paris, France. Thanks, Nick!

What It Does

This simple class is meant to test an OAC plugin in a debugger-enabled environment (such as Jbuilder, Forte, Metrowerks, etc.) before installing it on the iChain ICS where debugging is a much more difficult task.

Here LDAPBIS is a simple modification of the standard LDAP plugin. If the parameter is prefixed by an underscore (_) it will only return the first value of a multi-valued attribute, instead of all the values separated by commas.

Important Notes

Remember that ICS currently runs Java 1.1.7b, so you will want to set up your test environment as close to the real thing as possible, or you may have some surprises when you execute it.

Because I had to change the constructor of the ParamElement class from private to public, you should use the oac.jar which is included (only on the test platform, not on the ICS!). You will also need ldap.jar and iCommon.jar which are on the iChain/ICS or on the community server.


Call syntax is

java TestOACPlugin LDAPBIS DN Name Parameter


  • LDAPBIS is the name of the OAC plugin we want to test
  • DN is the ldap distinguished name of the test user
  • Name is the name of the parameter to add to the request
  • Parameter is the parameter that is passed to the plugin

The provided file only contains the section for LDAPBIS that we will need to add to the existing ICS sys:/ichain/oac/ sections.

Disclaimer: This is provided as is with no warranties whatsoever, but comments are always welcome.


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