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iChain Custom Development

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By Shane Johns

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Posted: 6 Apr 2001

Current Version: iChain 1.5

If you are looking for info about how to do custom development for your implementation of iChain, don't miss this excellent new AppNote by a Senior Software Engineer from Novell Developer Labs.

Most implementations of iChain will require some level of custom development. Some will require very minor development, while others will require extensive custom development. In either case, at least four types of services will likely be addressed by any development work:

  • Authorization Header extraction and decoding
  • Object-level Access Control (OLAC) parameter extraction
  • User self-registration
  • User account modification

This AppNote covers these four types of services by examining the following six Java servlets:

  • (user self-registration via Novell Beans)
  • (user account modification via Novell Beans)
  • (user self-registration via JNDI/LDAP)
  • (user account modification via JNDI/LDAP)

Note: The full source code for these servlets is available for download from the "Downloads" section on the AppNotes Web site at:

This AppNote assumes that you have already set up an iChain 1.5 environment and are familiar with the iChain 1.5 configuration issues. This article focuses on the development aspects of iChain rather than on configuration or administration.

Go see the AppNote.

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