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How to Build a Personalized, Secure Web Portal

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By Karl Bunnell

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Posted: 20 May 2002

This AppNote describes how to use Novell eDirectory and iChain along with the Corporate Yahoo! Enterprise Portal to build a personalized, secure Web portal that provides authentication, single sign-on, identity services, and Web acceleration.

Here's an outline of what's covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. About Yahoo! Portal Builder
  3. eDirectory and Yahoo! Portal Builder
  4. Integrating iChain and Yahoo! Portal Builder

Here's an excerpt:

The topic of Web portals has generated a lot of excitement in the industry as players rush solutions to the market that promise to solve many of the problems inherent to the first generation of Web applications. The promise of a scalable, secure Web portal that serves content based on identity has at its root a dependence on a scalable, reliable, blazing fast directory service coupled with a Web security infrastructure that provides authentication, single sign-on, identity services, and Web acceleration.

Novell eDirectory provides a proven directory service that scales to millions of objects while maintaining industry-leading search performance. Novell iChain provides Web authentication using eDirectory, access control to Web resources based on identity, single sign-on to Web applications, and Web acceleration. A third tool, Corporate Yahoo! Enterprise Portal, integrates leading enterprise applications with rich Yahoo! content and Web services that allow companies to customize and present personalized business information to employees, customers and partners.

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