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Activating an iChain 2.1 License

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Posted: 17 Jun 2002

We've seen some confusion about how to activate iChain 2.1 licenses purchased online. This should clear things up a bit:

To install and activate an iChain 2.1 license, do the following:

  1. Make a license purchase for the product to be activated. (Go to for info on how to make that license purchase. Without a license order, you will not get the info required to activate the license.
  2. Oracle (our license database) then auto-generates an e-mail that delivers activation information, Customer ID and license certificate. The e-mail is sent to the end-user primary contact. You are also directed to a software download page, in case they don't have the software.
  3. Then you generate an activation request file from the software interface using your Customer ID number (save this file!). With iChain, this can be done from the ConsoleOne snap-ins under the WIZARD option (Create an iChain Activation request). The Novell customer ID returned in the e-mail from the previous section is required here. Once the info has been entered, the LAUNCH option will bring you to the activator Web site. If you have already registered at this site, use the credentials you have been assigned,; otherwise go and sign up.
  4. Then you log into the activation website and upload the activation request file saved from previous step. Activator checks activation table for order information and validates Customer ID#. Activation Credential is then generated and activation is logged.

    At this point, an activation credential will be sent back to you (or the person requesting the credential) via e-mail. You will get this as an e-mail text and as a file.
  5. Now go back into ConsoleOne to the WIZARD section and 'install an iChain activation' and select the ISO object you want to activate. Either specify the filename, or paste the e-mail text into the activation credential field shown. At this stage, the evaluation limitation will be removed if you select the option to notify the proxy server to complete the credential installation.

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