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How to Auto-write an iChain Coredump

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Posted: 26 Jul 2002

Here's a nice way to automate part of the troubleshooting process, so if your iChain server ever abends, a coredump will automatically be written, and the server will automatically reboot. Sweet...

First, download this file: ichcdump.exe. This file contains utilities that will take a coredump on an iChain server.

On the iChain appliance:

  1. Copy into place DIAG500.NLM into the Appliance's SYS:SYSTEM directory.
  2. In the AUTOEXEC.NCF, near the end, add the lines:

    LOAD DIAG500 -d network -h <IP Address of receiving server>

  3. In the STARTUP.NCF add the line:


RDBHOST.NLM and DBNET5.NLM must also be loaded on the Appliance. This is set in the SYS:SYSTEM\TUNE.NCF file. To modify the TUNE.NCF, unlock the iChain console and at the NetWare Console, type EDIT TUNE.NCF then remove the remark statements on DBNET5 and RDBHOST.

When the server abends, it'll automatically write the coredump and then reboot.

The Server that will be receiving the Core Dump must be running IMGHOST.NLM (for NetWare) or IMGHOST.EXE (for a WIN32 server such as NT).

If the coredump receiver is IMGHOST.EXE running on win32, the coredump will be written to the same directory where IMGHOST.EXE was running under a subdirectory named "ICS_SERVER". If the coredump receiver is IMGHOST.NLM running on NetWare, the coredump will be written to the SYS:\ICS_SERVER directory.

Note: If you want to abend the box to test, jump to the debugger <shift-shift-alt-esc> and type "c eip=0" and then "g".

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