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iChain Earns 5-Star Rating From SC Magazine

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Posted: 20 Feb 2003

Novell iChain 2.1 was was recently featured in the pages of the information security publication, SC Magazine. What's more, the reviewers at SC Magazine took iChain for a spin and they liked what they saw. They liked it enough to award it an overall five (out of five) stars.

Here's some of what they said:
Not all remote access initiatives are used solely to provide employees with multi-location access. It may be necessary to provide a wider core of access rights that are in line with your business activities and, therefore, a more extensive resource may be required to fulfill all of your objectives.

This is where a solution such as Novell iChain comes into its own. This solution accomplishes more than simply allowing one level of access. It is capable of delivering a web-based authentication process that can be granular to your business needs, allowing customers and partners to access areas crucial for your commercial needs.

Here's how to get to the full review:

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