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iChain 2.1 Support Pack 2 Now Available

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Posted: 21 Mar 2003

To get the full details on this support pack, and access the download, go to:

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Abends with Cross Domain Authentication enabled.

  • Abend: (PROXY.NLM|SSLAuthHtmlLoginDataWorker+471).

  • Abend: NILE.NLM|tsw_data_zfree.

  • Abend Page Fault Processor Exception in NWUtil.nlm running CRL caching tests.

  • Abend during the reboot of an OTWUG.

  • Abend in SSO.NLM and ACLCHECK.NLM with long URL.

  • Abend in TCPGetSendCallBack.

  • Failed authentication requests through L4 switch do not give service name, IP, or username in logs.

  • "Browser does not support cookies" error when using session broker and cross domain authentication in front of a L4 switch.

  • Getting debug messages on the server console using a production build.

  • Can't activate iChain on a Falcon server: T=t=TREENAME problem in IAI_readNewCredentials().

  • Enhancement: FormFill needs to support GET requests.

  • iChain 2.1 does not handle nested URL parameters properly.

  • IchainFormFillCrib attribute unable to be added to user object in eDir 8.7 because the attribute name "Object Class has a space in it. Error on the FormFill Message Screen: "add ichainFormFill auxiliary class failed, error code=17 "

  • NICI 2.0.1 upgraded to NICI 2.0.3 to fix bug in CRL caching.

  • FormFill cannot handle pages who's POSTed contents have a ~ in the field.

  • Path Based Multihoming failing due to persistence problem.

  • iChain2.1 rewriter corrupting e-mail attachments (re-writing src=http://a.b.c)

  • E-mail alert on failed attempts to login needs more information.

  • Path based multihoming and multiple NPS boxes does not appear to work correctly.

  • Enhancement: command line option to only allow FIPS approved algorithms.

  • Unable to use ICA or download .js files with "load balance at session level" enabled.

  • Users are not re-authenticated to cross domain authentication sites after timeout.

  • Certificate error pages not working.

  • Access rules being bypassed when escape sequence used in URL.

  • PKIAPI.NLM cannot read CRL with CRLFCRLF at end of CRL file.

  • IBM eServer errors out after iChain is re-started. Error: "162 Configuration has changed".

  • Broken links, 504 errors when Secure Exchange is enabled. Affected applications include NetWare WebAccess, NetMail, iFolder, GroupWise, iManager, Remote Manger, Portal and NetStorage.

  • When multiple ACLs objects with Dynamic ACLs to allow access to the same resource are configured, only one of the Dynamic ACL rules is being processed. However, if the multiple ACLs contain static assignment, the all static ACLs will work properly.

  • Installed licenses display problem.

  • Some Compaq boxes have the "Boot from Removable Media" Bios setting changed on install.

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