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Working with iChain 2.2 Schema Extensions

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Posted: 20 Jun 2003

We were told this week that the iChain 2.2 schema extensions could be causing a problem with eDir 8.7 FP4.

Here's the Scenario

NetWare 6.0 SP3 + eDir 8.7 FP4
Windows 2000 SP3 + eDir 8.7 FP4

Install the iChain 2.2 schema extensions from the shipping CD. (The CD uses ICE/LDIF for that.)

  • On NetWare, you'll likely get an abend in NLDAP.
  • On Windows 2000, eDir stops (access violation) but can be restarted without a reboot.

Here's the Workaround

  1. Change the LDIF file from the CD and REM the Auxiliary class iChainFormFill out.
  2. Run ICE again, should work fine.
  3. Read the LDIF file and enter the iChainFormFill class manually using ConsoleOne.

This issue has been reported to engineering.

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