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Cool Tool: iChain Login Servlets 2.2.2

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Posted: 28 Aug 2003

There's a new package of free tools in the shed. This collection includes a few must-have's for the ol' tool belt.


Check out the collection at

Here's a look at one of the tools in the bunch:


This servlet allows you to specify that passwords being changed via the Password Management Servlets must contain a special character. You have control over the number of special characters that are required and what a special character is defined as. The number of special characters is specified on the ISO object in eDirectory and the list of special characters is specified in a string in the iChainAppConfig.txt file.

NOTE: There is no flag to control whether or not the special character string is displayed. It is always displayed.

Expired Password Screen

Settings in iChainAppConfig.txt

msgErrorMinSpecials=<font size="-1">Minimum special character count for New Password is</font>
#Password Strength Settings
specialCharacters=!"#$%&'()*+,-./ :;<=>?[]^

Attributes on ISO Object


Error - Not Enough Special Characters

Forgot Your Password Screen

Forgot Your Password Reset - Success Screen

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