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iChain Form Fill Script Generator

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By Rich Roberts

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Posted: 19 Feb 2004

iChain offers users a convenient form-fill authentication feature that simplifies access to Web applications. With the form-fill feature, the user first authenticates to iChain before accessing the Web-applications authentication form. As the user enters his or her credentials, the information is automatically stored securely to the user's object in eDirectory. From then on, when the user connects to that Web application, iChain automatically retrieves the user's credentials and completes the form on the user's behalf.

This tool will help you build scripts for iChain Form Fill. It only works with HTTP login form pages currently.

Form Fill Script Generator

Limitations: SSL certificates are not supported for HTTPS connections. HTTPS will need to be disabled on the origin web server to use this tool. Also, 302 Redirects are not supported, the URL must be to the actual login page.

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