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Posted: 31 Mar 2004

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Implementing Novell iChain at the City of Los Angeles
The City of Los Angeles has 25,000 employees, supporting around four million citizens. The City's Information Technology Agency (ITA) staff supports hundreds of applications and thousands of users. With Novell iChain and eDirectory, the ITA has been able to simplify user management based on roles, responsibilities, location and department. This session will discuss how the City secures its environment with Web services, Citrix, IBM Host on Demand and exteNd Director Standard Edition. Attendees will see a demonstration of the City's portal and learn how they were able to use iChain as the central infrastructure for governance, identity management, and provisioning with eDirectory as the foundation.

Session Benefits:

  • Learn more about eGovernment solutions made possible by Novell technology.
  • Discover how the City of Los Angeles ITA extends secure remote access to government employees.
  • Find out how to reduce the cost of managing point security products.
Type: Business Case Studies
Adam Loughran
Senior Systems Engineer,
Novell, Inc.

William Taylor
Systems Programmer,
City of Los Angeles

Introduction to iChain 2.3: SAML and Liberty Alliance Single Sign-On
As organizations extend multiple secure online services to users, this creates a challenge for managing multiple login credentials. This session will provide an overview of the Novell Liberty Alliance Identity Provider and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) business solution, which leverages industry standards to provide a decentralized single sign-on and authorization service. This improves user Internet experience, provides increased revenue potential, and offers a simple and secure method for extending business partnerships to the Web.

Session Benefits:

  • Understand issues pertaining to the creation of business-to-business applications.
  • Discover how emerging standards can help create seamless business-to-business applications.
  • Learn about Novell offerings for federated identity management.
Type: Introductions, Overviews & Futures
Lee Howarth
Product Manager,
Novell, Inc.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tools for iChain 2.3
While it is important to provide convenient access to Web services, it is also important to protect your network from unauthorized users. Novell iChain provides identity-based Web security services that control access to application and network resources. iChain enables single-point, policy-based management of authentication and access privileges. This iChain session will detail the most common iChain 2.3 issues experienced by the Novell technical support team. It will include a look at steps to troubleshoot most common iChain challenges and spotlight available support tools.

Session Benefits:

  • Increase your knowledge of iChain functionality.
  • Learn about iChain troubleshooting support tools.
  • Gain insight into the most common iChain support issues and solutions.
Type: Technical Tutorials
Neil Cashell
Technical Support Engineer,
Novell, Inc.

Securing Legacy Applications with Novell iChain and exteNd Composer
Legacy applications provide organizations with many mission-critical services. Since many legacy applications were not originally intended to be delivered through the Web, enabling secure Web access to these applications can be challenging. Novell exteNd Composer and iChain help organizations reduce development costs by Web-enabling existing applications and provide access without a virtual private network or terminal session. This session will demonstrate this powerful solution for publishing legacy system applications securely to the Web.

Session Benefits:

  • Learn how to extend access to legacy applications via the Web.
  • See how to maintain security for applications outside of an organization.
  • Gain access to legacy applications through a common Internet browser.
Type: Technical Tutorials
Kirk Noren
Systems Engineer,
Novell, Inc.

Implementing iChain in the Real World
Novell iChain provides identity-based Web security services that control access to application and network resources. This session will review Novell's best practices for designing and implementing Novell iChain. Demonstrations will show how to implement iChain in order to take full advantage of iChain features. This instruction will include a look at hardware and topology configuration, optimal accelerator configuration, authorization, access control fundamentals, single sign-on tips and tricks, and customized user account management modules. A solid knowledge of TCPIP, HTML, Web site development, Java Server Pages and LAN trace deployment are highly recommended before attending this session. Attendees at this session may also want to consider attending session TUT320: Remote Debugging with PacketScan and RDB

Session Benefits:

  • Learn how to implement iChain in your environment.
  • Discover the full functionality of iChain.
  • See actual examples of iChain solutions.
Type: Technical Tutorials
Rich Roberts
Senior Architect, Novell Consulting,
Novell, Inc.

Jim Short
Worldwide Support Engineer,
Novell, Inc.

Stefan Evans
Server Analyst, Gulfstream

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