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Bow WOW: The Novell Innerweb

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By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 31 Mar 2004

Bow WOW: The Novell Innerweb
Using Internal Technologies, Novell Eats Its Own Dog Food
Novell Connection Magazine - March/April 2004

Here's an excerpt:

A story making the rounds at Novell these days is one of those that leaves you asking, fact or fiction? The story goes like this: A nameless Novell employee is traveling for an unknown reason someplace in Europe. He discovers he's lost his passport and other identity papers, which were inside the briefcase he left on a train en route to somewhere. Nameless Novell guy goes to the local embassy, where he manages to seat himself at an Internet-ready computer (operating system unknown) and launches the browser (specific type also unknown). From the home page, nameless Novell guy types in the URL to the Novell corporate intranet: innerweb.

When the browser returns the log in screen at, nameless Novell guy enters his credentials to the Novell employee eDirectory tree. Seconds later, he's essentially transported to his home office. Nameless Novell guy now has access to literally everything he can see and use from the comfort of his own desk. He opens a file stored on the c:/ drive of his office desktop and allegedly prints out all of the papers he's lost. (According to the story, he scanned and saved these papers before the trip.) As the story ends, nameless Novell guy casually resumes travel, freshly-printed papers in tow.

Now, given the story's scant details, you have to wonder whether it really happened, don't you? I mean is nameless Novell guy a real person who saved his trip by having the foresight to scan and the presence of mind to print his identity papers? Or is the whole story a modern-day business legend? Who knows and, more important, who cares? The truth is that any one of Novell's 6,000 employees could have experienced this little mishap and, more to the point, could have resolved it in precisely the manner described (with the exception, perhaps, of traipsing around Europe with only copies of identity papers).

With access to any Internet-ready computer, regardless of its operating system, and by launching virtually any browser, all Novell employees can log in to innerweb, no VPN required. The result of that single login is impressive and boils down to this: whether they're at work, at home, in meetings or in an embassy thousands of miles from home, Novell employees have what they need to do their jobs.

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