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iChain Provides Security Gateway for City of Los Angeles

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Posted: 26 May 2004

Months ago, Novell helped the City of Los Angeles establish an enterprise portal. With that solution in place, Los Angeles was poised for even bigger things, in terms of tying together vital computer services. You can download the BrainShare City of Los Angeles iChain presentation (BUS263) for more details, or read on for the summary version.

The Plan

The key need for the City of Los Angeles was to create a common security gateway. This gateway could be used both internally and externally for:

  • Identity management and provisioning
  • Pushing services out in a protected manner
  • Enforcing security policies in place
  • Creating an infrastruture for e-Govenment employees, partners (County, State, etc.), business, citizens, and visitors

To do this, they used iChain as a hub to connect these services:

  • Enterprise Portal [Extend Director Standard Edition] for NetStorage, GroupWise and Dynamic Communities
  • IBM Host on Demand (Remote vs. Internal Access)
  • Citrix (Host on Demand and Remote Server Administration
  • )
  • Web Services [UDDI] for home-grown applications
Why iChain?
iChain was an ideal choice for this solution because:
  • Identity management and Provisioning was a core requirement.
  • There was a need to leverage off current experience with eDirectory.
  • A common means was needed for authentication, authorization, access control and Administration.
  • The appliance design made it fast and easy to implement, easier to manage and maintain.
  • It's based on open standards.
  • The technology is affordable.
Lessons Learned and Benefits

It was clear that iChain is a security applicance and should be managed by the Security group. iChain also provides a central point for the reporting of access to internal city resources by remote users. Education was a key factor for success in this project.

It has become a blue print and best practice to others that are struggling with the identity management issue within the organization. Dynamic Groups help to manage administration and reduce time to implement changes. Duplication of user ID's is now being addressed and corrected as well. There are additional cost savings because all user accounts are now being scrutinized.

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