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Tuning the NetWare 6 TCP/IP Stack via SET Parameters

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By Anoop Kumar P, B Thavamani Rajan

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Posted: 22 Jul 2002

Here's some solid information from our friends in Novell Research. This piece discusses how to use SET parameters available in the TCP/IP stack for NetWare 6 SP1 or later to change some of the default parameters or enable/disable the various features provided in Novell TCP/IP stack. It also discusses some user/testing scenarios and suggests ways in which you can optimize the performance of the stack.

Here's a list of what's covered:

  • ARP Tuning Parameters
  • Oversized Packets Handling
  • Receive Buffers Count
  • Interactive Data Flow
  • Memory Allocation
  • TCP Parameters
  • MTU Tuning
  • Attack Protection
  • Miscellaneous SET Parameters

Here's where to get all the gory details:

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