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Building My SUSE Box - Part One

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By Jason Jones

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Posted: 14 Dec 2004

I needed a new computer, so I went to my boss and asked her for one. She agreed I did need a new computer, and as she was about to go and have one bought for me at the local computer superstore, I stopped her. I told her I could build my own box for quite a bit less money, and get exactly what I needed. Her eyebrows raised a bit and with a bit more info, she agreed to let me build my own box.

After that, we both decided it'd be a good idea to make an article out of it. So sit yourself down and enjoy the experience I had. I found the parts at a local computer parts store, and ended up getting a good ASUS motherboard, Athlon CPU, some good RAM, 80 gig Hard Drive, CD Writer, DVD drive, mouse, keyboard, a couple of power strips, and a nice conservative case.

computer in a box.

After gazing at the contents in the box for awhile, I thought it'd be a good idea to build it.

So, I opened the case box and got the case out,

computer out of the box.

got the motherboard out and put in the RAM,

ASUS motherboard.

and before long, the CPU was in the motherboard,

Athlon CPU in the motherboard.

the CPU-fan was on the CPU,

CPU fan housed nicely upon the CPU...

and with a few screws and lifters, the motherboard was settled into its new home.

Motherboard sitting safely inside.

After the motherboard was inside, and the appropriate cables attached, I inserted the CD Writer / DVD drives.

Drives in front.

As you can probably tell, I'm not too conscious about the way the box looks. The black case was actually cheaper than the white ones, and since I'm all about saving money, the black box with the white drives seemed very appropriate. :)

And in goes the hard drive...

Hard Drive circled in black.

I circled the back-end of the hard drive for those of you who haven't seen the inside of a computer before.

After the hard drive was in, I decided to connect all the necessary cables to join the motherboard and the case...

Cables connected.

And the last step is to take the graphics card out of the box and put it in the motherboard's AGP slot.

NVidia Graphics Card.

And voila! We now have a fully functional workstation just waiting for Linux to be put on it.

Computer ready for SUSE installation.

To be continued...

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