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Integrating Thin-Client Servers with NDS and ZENworks

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By Bill Calero, Brad Anderson, Edmund Lee, Roy Lopez

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Posted: 26 May 1999

IT professionals are being asked to do and more and more with the same limited resources. At the same time, the people who are being supported are becoming more and more mobile. End-users expect IT to deliver fast and simple access to network resources no matter how and where the end-users are working. These end-users are demanding the same level of performance when they are on the corporate network and in a hotel room dialing in with a 56.6kb modem.

Many IT organizations are turning to the thin-Client solutions delivered by Citrix and Microsoft in the WinFrame, MetaFrame, and Windows Terminal Server products to meet these expectations. With these products, users are able to connect to the thin-Client servers with virtually any computing device and run applications with blazing speed even across the thinnest of connections. The applications are actually running on the thin-Client server which is then simply sending screen updates to the device the end-users is sitting in front of. Because only screen updates, keystrokes, and mouse clicks are transferred between the workstation and thin-Client server, this solution offers virtually the same performance to a user on a corporate network and a user at home dialing in through a modem.

The integration of Novell products such as NDS and ZENworks with the thin-Client servers satisfies the desires of both network administrators and end-users. End-users get a consistent desktop wherever they are and the performance they demand. Administrators have a single tool that can be used to administer both standard desktops and thin-clients.

Read all about it in this special 61-page article, in PDF format. You'll find information about:

  • Integration with WinFrame
  • Integration with Windows Terminal Server and MetaFrame
  • Integration of the Thin-Client Server with ZENworks
  • Installing the Novell Client on a Thin-Client Server
  • Integration with NDS for NT
  • Deploying thin-Client Server Farms without Domains
  • Embedding ZENworks into a Web Browser
  • Integrating the Thin-Client Servers with the NetWare 5 JVM
  • Appendix A -- ICA and HTML Files
  • Appendix B -- Frequently Asked Questions

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