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Posted: 12 Aug 2002

The Facts (from Novell Connection)

Have you ever thought wistfully about throwing out your company's existing network and creating a new one -- without the legacy problems you have inherited? One of those niggling problems may be the file structure that your predecessor set up years ago but no longer fits the needs of your company. In fact, if your company is like others we work with, the organization changes so frequently that the current file structure hasn't met your company's needs for years.
Of course, you can easily move files around, but you cannot easily move the associated directory rights with those files. Instead, you have to determine the directory rights for directories and files, move them to their new location, and then set up the necessary eDirectory rights again. With your busy schedule, maintaining the old file structure is probably the best -- maybe even the only -- option.
With the Novell NetWare Server Consolidation utility, you can move volumes and directories from one NetWare server to another, with their eDirectory rights intact. This utility, which will be available for free download this month, enables you to simply drag-and-drop volumes and directories from one NetWare server to another.

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