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By Laura Chappell

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Posted: 22 Aug 2002

One particularly useful tool is EtherPeek's Summary Statistics window -- it's hot! (EtherPeek is a protocol analyzer made by Wild Packets Inc. To open the Summary Statistics window in EtherPeek, click the Summary Statistics icon on the main toolbar.) Using the information provided in the Summary Statistics window, I can identify the following traffic behaviors on networks:

  • Ping scans are looking for active systems on the entire network.
  • OS fingerprinting is attempting to identify operating system types and versions.
  • Port scans are looking for active services over TCP or User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
  • Routing configurations are causing packet redirection or advertising new default gateway settings.
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) scans are looking for active systems on a subnet.
  • Services are not configured properly, or services are not functioning properly.
  • Traceroute is attempting to discover network paths.

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