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Automating the Installation of ZENworks for Servers

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By Rory Morris

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Posted: 5 Nov 2002

Version: ZENworks for Servers 1.0

Note: The Response Wizard explained in this article only works with ZENworks for Servers 1.0, due to changes to the TED architecture and the installation program in subsequent versions of ZENworks for Servers.

This Response File Wizard simplifies the creation of a ZENworks for Servers (ZfS) Response File which is used to automate the installation of ZENworks for Servers.

What the Wizard Does

  • Gives user control over where TED objects are placed in NDS (critical to the performance of ZfS, and critical to minimizing network traffic).
  • Eases installation by permitting the user to create default values for attributes of the TED Objects.
  • Simplifies the creation of the Response File by allowing the user to browse for server objects in DS rather than having to enter the DN of each server that TED will be installed to.
  • Simple grid allows user to select which ZfS Software components will be installed on which servers.
  • Allows user to have the install create Channel and Subscription Objects which connect Subscribers and Distributors.


  • ZENworks for Servers 1.0 online manual

  • ResponseWizard
    This is a zip file containing a wizard that is used to create a Response File. The Response File contains instructions used by the ZfS Install program, indicating which servers the software will be installed to, which objects are created in DS, the location of the objects, and the default values for attributes of those objects.

Installing the Wizard

Before unzipping the Wizard,

  1. Install ConsoleOne to your local workstation (using the ZfS CD, Custom install option).
  2. Unzip the Wizard to the Novell\ConsoleOne\1.2 directory.
  3. Launch ConsoleOne. The Tool Bar at the top of ConsoleOne will contain several icons. The last one on the right is the Response File Wizard icon.

Note: Help is available for each of the Wizard dialog boxes.

For more information about ZENworks for Servers, see this article.

About the Author

Rory Morris is a technical writer who has been with Novell since September 1985. He has documented ZENworks for Servers 1.0, policies and workstations for ZENworks 2, and Document Management Services for GroupWise 5.5. He is currently documenting portions of the upcoming releases of ZENworks for Servers, ZENworks for Desktops, and GroupWise.

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