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The Basics of File Rights in ZENworks 2

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Posted: 12 Jul 2000

When people first get started with ZENworks, they often are confused about how to grant file rights to users so they can launch or install certain app objects. Here's how you do it. These instructions are adapted from TID # 10024525

On the File Rights page, you can grant file rights required to launch and install that Application object. You can add all required volumes and paths to this list and specify the desired access rights. The important point to remember is that these rights are not dynamic. Here are some things you should consider when granting file rights:

  • File rights are granted to the user at the time of association and not at the moment of launching.

  • File rights are not dynamic. For example, the file rights you set up are not dependent on whether the user is actually using the application.

  • Rights are revoked when the user is unassociated from the Application object. When the rights are changed on this page, all objects that were already associated will not receive the new trustee rights assignment. When an association of the user is removed, the rights will be revoked.

    For example, suppose two applications grant rights to the same directory and the user is associated with both. When one application is removed from user access, the rights for the directory are removed. The Application object snap-in will not verify whether another Application object is supposed to grant the same rights.

  • Use this page to grant rights to files, directories, and volumes when this Application object is associated with a User object or with a Group, Organizational Unit, Organization, or Country object. Such rights are removed when the Application object is unassociated.

  • If two separate Application objects give file rights to the same file, directory, or volume and just one of them is unassociated with the user, then the user loses all rights even though the user might still be associated with the other Application object.

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