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Aussie Daylight Time

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By Vlasti Broucek

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Posted: 9 Aug 2000

Version used: ZENworks 2 Starter Pack

Y2k is over, but we have a new problem ahead here in Australia. Several states changed the start date of the Daylight Time Saving period because of the Olympic Games, which will be held in Sydney during September.

Several states have changed the Daylight Savings transition start date from the last Sunday in October forward two months to the last Sunday in August. For the Year 2000 only, the official Daylight Savings transition dates for these states of Australia are:

  • South Australia 29/10/00 To 25/3/2001
  • Victoria 27/08/00 To 25/3/2001
  • ACT 27/08/00 To 25/3/2001
  • NSW 27/08/00 To 25/3/2001
  • Tasmania 27/08/00 To 25/3/2001

Computer systems that use the existing time zone information in the affected states of Australia will not correctly interpret time based on the new transition date. This will cause the time to be offset by one hour from the correct time.

Every administrator in Australia is now facing this issue and I think I have a solution for those who are fortunate enough to use Novell NetWare and ZEN works. It is true that Microsoft provided a solution,, however, I believe it is not as efficient as my solution. Using the MS ones, one has to run two programs twice

In my solution, I just ask ZENworks to deliver two small application objects, one in August, another one in October. The first one just changes two values in the registry to accommodate an earlier start date, the other one just sets it back in time for the normal DST period.

I have created four objects, two for WIN9x and one for WINNT 4 (I do not have the NT2000 beast running yet, so I did not test there, but it should be same as NT 4). Being one of those poor guys who could not afford the full version of ZEN, I do have to associate these objects with all users and run at the appropriate time. If I had the full version, I'd associate it with workstation objects only, of course.

Files include:

  • DST_WIN9X_OLYMPIC: to set special DST for Olympics prior 27 August 2000
  • DST_WIN9X_NORMAL: to return to normal DST in November 2000
  • DST_NT_OLYMPIC: to set special DST for Olympics prior 27 August 2000
  • DST_NT_NORMAL: to return to normal DST in November 2000

Bear in mind that I created these files for Tasmania. People in Sydney or Melbourne will have to modify them slightly to accommodate their own timezones.

Download zip file.

About the Author

Vlasti Broucek is the Network Administrator at the School of Psychology of the University of Tasmania, Australia. He is available to answer non-psychological questions about this article at

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