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Implementing Strong Passwords in an NDS Environment

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By Marcus Williamson

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Posted: 16 Aug 2000

Current Version: ZENworks 2

Password hacking is a reality in our modern world, and forestalling attack is a survival skill that needs constant sharpening. Do you know the difference between a dictionary attack and a brute force attack? Do you know why longer is stronger when it comes to password size? Are you taking advantage of NetWare's Intruder Detection? How much do you know about biometric devices that check your fingerprints or iris patterns to make sure you're really you?

There's an outstanding new AppNote by Marcus Williamson that details ways in which network administrators can provide enhanced security in their network environments by making use of strong password solutions. He discusses the concepts behind strong passwords and looks at currently available options for implementing strong passwords within a Novell Directory Services (NDS) environment. He also presents some available authentication solutions which do not make use of passwords, or which can be used to augment the use of password-based systems.

Check it out, and increase your password strength today

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