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Open File Manager: v8.1 for NetWare 6 Now Available

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Posted: 30 Aug 2002

Our friends at St Bernard Software have just released a shipping version of their Open File Manager v8.1 for NetWare 6 (NSS & LFS) and have asked us to pass on a few of the details.

Open File Manager by St. Bernard Software brings closure to the open file problem. Open File Manager is a partner utility that helps backup software consistently capture open and in-use files and relational applications, even if they are changing during the backup -- all without locking users out of applications or forcing them to log off the network.

Open File Manager supports coherent backup of corporate data while it remains in use and serves system administrators in their most critical mission -- assuring secure, efficient, round-the-clock operation of their corporate infrastructure.

With Open File Manager working alongside a company's backup software, popular databases like Oracle and Lotus Notes, SQL servers, and e-mail servers can be in use and running while backup occurs. Because backups can be run at any time without the risk of skipped or corrupt files, the need for a specific "backup window" has now been "closed."

Download the 15-Day Live Trial here:

Get the White Paper here:
"Preventing Data Loss During Backups Due to Open Files".

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