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Removing Image Safe Data with ZISCLEAR

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Posted: 18 Oct 2000

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

ZISCLEAR (ZENworks Image Safe Clear) will remove or invalidate the Image Safe data on the hard drive. This utility is necessary when you want to completely clean off the Image Safe data from the workstation's hard drive. ZISCLEAR is the only way to remove the ZENworks Image Safe data. FDISK does not affect the Image Safe data.

Image Safe data is written to the image-safe area under the following circumstances:

  1. Image Safe data is written to the image-safe area when ZISWIN.EXE runs. Image Safe data will not be written when booting with Disk 1 and selecting Manual. However, Image Safe data will be written when installing the ZENworks Linux partition on the workstation.
  2. When the workstation does not have a ZENworks Linux partition on it, but it has the Novell Client version 3.3 or 4.8 with the ZENworks Imaging Service installed, ZISWIN.EXE will write Image Safe data to the image-safe area the first time the workstation boots and reads a workstation imaging policy.
For additional information regarding ZISWIN.EXE, including the type of data the imaging agent saves to the image-safe area, refer to the ZENworks for Desktops Online Documentation.


Here is how you use ZISCLEAR. Also included are instructions for removing the ZENworks Linux partition and completely cleaning off the drive for new OS installs.


  1. Boot to DOS (either MS-DOS mode or a DOS diskette).
  2. Run ZISCLEAR.EXE. This only removes the ZENworks Image Safe data.

To remove the ZENworks Linux partition and other partitions:

  1. Run FDISK /MBR. This cleans lilo from the Master Boot Record.
  2. Run FDISK and delete all partitions. This removes Linux.
  3. Run FDISK and create a new primary partition. This puts a primary partition at the beginning of the hard drive.
  4. Run FDISK to set the new primary partition as Active.
  5. Put an OS on that new primary partition.

To download ZISCLEAR.EXE see TID #2957610.

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