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ZENworks for Desktops 3 Cluster Snap-In

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Posted: 18 Oct 2000

Table of Contents

1.0 About the Cluster Snap-In

This snap-in contains the program to support Workstation Inventory in a Cluster environment.

1.1 How to Install the Snap-In

  1. Ensure that you have installed Workstation Inventory from the ZENworks for Desktops 3 product CD and also configured the inventory.
  2. Unzip the CLUSTER.ZIP (available for download below)

    The .ZIP file contains the following three files:

    • ZENInvServer.jar
    • InventorySnapins.jar
    • inventoryforcluster.jar
  3. Copy the ZENInvServer.jar file to the \PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\WMINV\LIB on the server.
  4. Copy the files, InventorySnapins.jar and inventoryforcluster.jar to the CONSOLEONE\1.2\SNAPINS\ZEN directory on the server. The CONSOLEONE directory refers to the directory from which you invoke ConsoleOne.

1.2 How the Snap-in Works

See the Cluster documentation section called Configure the Inventory Settings for more information.

2.0 Legal Information

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