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ZfD 3 Imaging Drivers (Linux)

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Posted: 22 Nov 2000

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

There have been many questions about Linux and ZfD3 Imaging over the past few months. Here are some useful tools that can help you in this area, including the latest, greatest Linux drivers. As with everything at Cool Solutions, these tools are not supported by Novell, so proceed at your own risk. The creators of the tools are interested in any feedback you might have to offer, so don't be shy if you have anything to say. (Like you need encouragement...)

Updated root.tgz for the Linux Imaging Engine

The most current version of this file is available in the imaging patches available in this article.

Updated Drivers for the Linux Imaging Engine.

The <driver>.o file needs to be included on the second Linux boot floppy. Be aware that there is a bug in the boot disk builder. You will need to modify manually the settings.txt file to remove the UNC/path to the <driver>.o file.

The following drivers are included in this zip file.

  • New 3Com 3C90X driver
    3C90X ZIP 14KB

  • New Intel E100 driver
    Supports IBM and Compaq Deskpro EN
    E100 ZIP 25KB

  • Epic 100 - SMC9432 chipset
    EPIC100 ZIP 8KB

  • Updated Tulip driver

  • RTL8139 for SMC1211 TX
    RTL8139 ZIP 9KB

Download (75 KB).

Need a special Imaging Driver that's not here on this list? Here's all you need to build your own. Once you've built it, send it to us for our new Imaging Driver Library, and you could win a groovy Novell t-shirt. And if your entry is chosen as one of the top two favorites by our readers, you will also win a brand new Palm Pilot VIIx Handheld. Get all the files you need to build a driver in this article.

ZENworks for Desktops 3 Imaging utilities

Here are some useful tools to help you troubleshoot the Imaging Linux kernel.

Download (682 KB)

Imaging Troubleshooting

Here's a PDF file full of tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot and tweak the Imaging Engine.

Download Imaging Troubleshooting (49 KB)

Other Linux Drivers

To obtain a Linux driver for your particular hardware, you should visit the website of the hardware vendor and check for a download site. There are also some other websites where you can obtain drivers:

  • PCMCIA drivers can be downloaded from

    To learn more about drivers, for example, the loading parameters you need to specify, see the Linux documentation at and visit the following HOWTO sites:

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