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NDS-DB Sync Tool (ZENworks for Desktops 2)

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Posted: 31 Jan 2001

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 2

Synchronize the Workstation objects stored in the Inventory database with the Workstation objects in NDS with this free tool.

Table of Contents

1.0 About the NDS-DB Sync Tool

This database sync tool synchronizes the Workstation objects stored in the Inventory database with the Workstation objects in NDS. This tool removes the workstations that do not exist in NDS from the Inventory database. The excess workstations in the Inventory database exist because these workstations may have been deleted from NDS; however, the corresponding workstations were not removed from the database.

Use this tool regularly to maintain the database in a consistent state with NDS. Run this tool for each Inventory database.

1.1 How to Install the Tool

To install the tool:

  1. Ensure that you have installed ZfD 2 Workstation Inventory.
  2. Unzip the NDSDBSYNC.ZIP.

    This .ZIP file contains the following two files:


  3. Copy the two files to any directory on a server. These files should exist in the same directory.

1.2 How to Run the Tool

After you install the tool:

Note: Ensure that the ZENworks database is loaded and running.

  1. In the NDSDB.NCF file, modify the following parameter:
    envset root_dir=<directory_path>
    where directory_path is the directory path that contains the NDSDBSYNC.JAR and NDSDB.NCF files.
  2. Ensure this directory is included in the search path.

  3. In the NDSDB.NCF file, modify the parameters in the following line:

    java -ns -classpath $tmppath1;$classpath
    -Dndstree=aus_sales -Ddebug=false
    -Dip= -Dport=2638 NDSLookup

    Modify these parameters:
    where treename refers to the tree on which ZfD 2 is installed.

    where IP address refers to the IP address of the database server.

    where Port_number refers to the port number of the database. The default value is 2638.

  4. At the server prompt, type

    This tool compares the list of workstations in the database with those in NDS and displays the list of workstations that will be removed from the database. In effect, workstations that have been deleted from NDS will also be deleted from the database.

1.3 About the Status Log

The status log file, NDSDB.LOG is located in the SYS:\ETC directory.

This file contains information as to whether the database was synchronized successfully with NDS.

The status details are appended in the log file.

The status information "No information in the database/ Problem in connecting to database" indicates the following possible causes:

  1. Possible cause 1:
    The network is down.
    • Action 1:
      Ensure that the network connections are proper and the network is up.

  2. Possible cause 2:
    The information in the NDSDB.NCF file is set up incorrectly.
    • Action 2:
      Ensure that the settings that you have modified in the NDSDB.NCF are set correctly.

  3. Possible cause 3:
    The database is not up.
    • Action 3:
      Ensure that the database is reachable. Run the NDS-DB Sync tool.

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