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Building a Customized Imaging Driver

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Posted: 4 Mar 2002

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

Note: for a long time we've had a contest going to see if people would share their drivers, but alas, no one entered. Either no one is building drivers, or no one thinks theirs is cool enough to win, or, well, no one wanted a new Palm Pilot. In any case, there were no entries, and we've closed the contest.

Need a special Imaging Driver? Here's all you need to build your own.

Here are the files you'll need to build a customized version of the ZENworks Imaging linux kernel and drivers.


Download this zipfile:

The file named zfd3krnlpatch.tgz contains steps and scripts to build your own customized version of ZENworks Imaging linux kernel, and drivers. Modules.tgz contains the built drivers - it is not a complete list, but only contains the drivers which came with the kernel, and two additional drivers (3c90x/e100).

For More Information

For instructions on how to build the ZENworks Imaging Kernel, see this article.

For more about Linux Drivers, see this article.

For more information about setting up Imaging, look here in the documentation:

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