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NetWare Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and ZENworks

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By Martin Buckley

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Posted: 10 May 2001

Versions: ZENworks for Desktops 3 and ZENworks for Servers 2

This article discusses which version of the NetWare JVM you should use with ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 and ZENworks for Servers 2.0.

Do you remember the first time you saw NetWare 5.0 -- even as a beta product codenamed Moab -- and the excitement of being able to run Java applets on the NetWare server? Today more and more Novell solutions are Java based -- with all of the benefits of portability that gives.

ZENworks for Desktops 3.0 and ZENworks for Servers 2.0 are two such solutions -- both making heavy use of Java applets to perform such tasks such as Inventory and Automatic Workstation Import.

There have been many different versions of the NetWare JVM over the past few years -- three main revisions, the version numbers are defined by Sun -- 1.1.7B, 1.2.2 and the most recent 1.3. There have also been a significant number of revisions and releases of the JVM. In fact many different products (the ZENworks family being no exception) also ship with a particular version of the JVM.

So the big questions for system administrators are:

  • Which version of the JVM do I have?
  • Which version should I use?
  • Which Version do I Have?

    The most reliable way to determine the version of the NetWare JVM is to show the date of the JAVA.NLM. This is easily done by typing:

    modules java

    at the server console.

    You can also ask the JVM to report its version by typing:

    java -version

    jvm version

    Which Version Should I Use?

    The current recommendation (May 2001) is to use JVM 1.1.7B dated January 2001. This works well with NetWare 4.11, NetWare 4.2, NetWare 5.0 and NetWare 5.1. This version of JVM 1.1.7B is fully compatible with ZENworks for Desktops 3.0, ZENworks for Servers 2.0 and also the appropriate Support Packs.

    In certain circumstances you may wish to use JVM 1.2.2 -- again dated January 2001. The main symptom that this solves is Automatic Workstation Import taking an incredibly long time -- around 45 minutes per workstation.

    Be aware that there are two limitations for this solution:

    1. NetWare JVM 1.2.2 requires NetWare 5.1
    2. ZENworks for Servers 2.0 Tiered Electronic Distribution (TED) in a mixed JVM environment requires security to be disabled

    Where to download the updated JVM

    Novell's main download page has all of the latest versions of the JVM for NetWare:

    and as always Novell Support is your first stop for support issues and updates:

    About the Author

    By night Martin Buckley is the Evil ZENworks Scientist -- cooking up ZENworks solutions and hatching dastardly integrations. By day he is the ZENworks for Desktops Product Manager. Based in Provo, Utah and Nottingham, England.

    You can contact Martin at or at

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