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Remote Management Agents Install Options

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By Rajkumar V, Ted Haeger

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Posted: 27 Jun 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

So you already set up the Novell client, but you did not install the Remote Management agent? Do yourself a favor: don't re-deploy the Novell client. Instead, you can simply add the Remote Management agent using the Novell Application Launcher. In fact, your ZENworks for Desktops install has already created the application object for you - you just need to associate it as a "Force Run" application running as "System Unsecure User."

Maybe you already knew that, and maybe that's not good enough. You want a silent install or you want to make sure that the user is not prompted for reboot. By default, the executable RMSETUP.EXE, which is called by the Remote Management Setup application object, shows the install as it progresses, and it prompts the user to reboot.

So how do we clean that up for a silent, no-reboot install of the remote management agent?

To eliminate the prompt for reboot, add the following command line parameter:

This will eliminate the Please Reboot Now interruption for the end user. However, do note that your remote management agents will not become completely active until your next reboot. By completely active, we mean that by using this command line option, the video optimization drivers for Remote Control and Remote View will not be loaded until you reboot the machine.

Now that you can eliminate the reboot prompt, you can now hide the setup completely if you would like, by changing the application object from running as "System Unsecure User" to "System Secure User." The install interface will be hidden from view, and the service will be silently, rebootlessly (is that a word?) installed.

If you need to ensure that the Remote Management services install, but do not start until the next reboot, you can use the /NOSERVICESTART command line option.

Finally, should you ever need to uninstall the Remote Management agents, that's easy too. Use the RMSETUP command with the /UNINSTALL option.

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