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Deploying Mozilla Using ZENworks for Desktops

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By N Tijssen

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Posted: 5 Oct 2001

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

After the newest discovery of yet another bug in Microsoft's virus infection suite Outlook, there was an interest at my work for a replacement e-mail program. Unfortunately both Pegasus and Eudora are rather expensive to use, so we tested the Mozilla e-mail program. This program worked fine, and it imported the address books and e-mail boxes from our aging Eudora Pro 3 mail program.

Our Novell situation was as follows:

  • Novell NDS server and ZENworks for desktop installed.
  • Each user had a personal NetWare directory mapped with the letter U:\
  • Eudora Pro 3 was our current e-mail software.

For a successful deployment, it was a requirement that:

  • The mailboxes could be stored onto the network.
  • Mozilla could be deployed with ZENworks.

Mozilla offers the creation of a personal profile, with favourites, browser settings, and e-mail. These profiles could be created using the profile manager delivered by Mozilla. These profiles could be created, and modified using the profile manager. Furthermore these profiles could be stored into each accessible network location.

snAppShot can be used to create an application image, which can be distributed to the users via the Novell Application explorer. Mozilla is tested by me and it can be easily deployed using a snAppShot *.AOT file. Mozilla offers a clean install, without editing registries, and only a few references to history files (index.dat) need to be removed from the application files.


The procedure for the deployment is:

  1. Start with a clean system, containing only the Novell Client and the operating system (win9x, win2K/XP).
  2. Login into the NDS as a normal user.
  3. Create a U:\Mozilla directory on the U:\ drive e.g U:\Mozilla
  4. Go to the \\sys\public directory and start snAppShot.exe
  5. Go through the snAppShot steps and set the snAppShot directory to a local directory, or an NDS directory to which the user has access.
  6. Install Mozilla but do not finish the snAppShot installation.
  7. After the installation, customize Mozilla, but do not open the mail program.
  8. Start the profile manager
  9. Create a new profile, for example user, and let it be stored into your U:\Mozilla directory.
  10. Delete the default profile Mozilla installs.
  11. Copy the U:\Mozilla directory to another location. This will be the default profile for all users.
  12. Finish the creation of a snAppShot *.AOT file and import the snAppShot into the NDS by creating a application object.
  13. Set the distribution settings of the created Mozilla application object.

All steps are completed for a corporate-wide deploment of Mozilla.

  1. Copy the created profile into all network directories of the users.
  2. Deploy Mozilla using the Novell Application explorer.

When each user starts using the Mozilla e-mail software, the program starts, asking the user for his/her personal e-mail settings. The user can easily import his her old mail, using the Mozilla import utility.

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