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Posted: 26 Nov 2001

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

Our ZENworks Imaging code-meisters have done it again! Released today and available exclusively on Cool Solutions are these three must-see packages for every ZENworks administrator: the long-awaited imaging patch to the Linux kernel, a comprehensive set of scripts and documentation for customizing your imaging environment, and the much-anticipated ?as-is? version of the imaging utilities that supports imaging Windows XP partitions and provides a significant performance increase on IDE drives.

Disclaimer: These packages are released ?as-is? and are not supported by Novell or Novell technical support. See related documentation for further information.

Windows XP Imaging and IDE Performance Enhancements

This package contains an updated version of the Linux imaging utilities that support the creation and restoration of Windows XP partitions. With the included files, you will be able to create diskettes, CDs, and PXE sessions that can image Windows XP partitions.

The package also contains modifications to the Linux Imaging Environment and ZENworks Imaging Engine that provide a significant performance increase when restoring imaging on IDE drives.

This package also updates the Linux kernel to version 2.4.11, which contains improved support for many devices, including PCMCIA and USB devices.

Note: This update is provided ?as-is? for the testing purposes of our customers. Novell will not provide support for this update. All features in this package will be fully supported in the next release of ZENworks for Desktops.

For more information about this file, see this article.

Linux Imaging Environment Build Scripts

The Linux Build Scripts provide you the tools and information you need to perform a nearly infinite range of customizations to your Linux Imaging Environment. For example, you can change the boot menu presented on diskette or CD boot, add a new LAN driver, specify the operating mode of a LAN driver (10 Mbit, ? duplex), add an image archive to a CD image, or change the boot process to include a customized in-house application. You can even roll out updates from a central location to computers with installed ZEN partitions. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

The package includes:

  • Linux scripts that will take your changes and create ?resource files? that can be used to create new diskettes, CDs, and even PXE sessions containing your modifications.
  • The same version of the ZENworks Imaging Engine that is provided in the Windows XP and IDE Performance Enhancements package.
  • A newer version of the Linux kernel (2.4.11), which includes improved support for many devices, including PCMCIA and USB devices.
  • Excellent documentation of the ZENworks Linux Imaging Environment boot process.
    Even if you decide not to modify your Linux Imaging Environment, you will find this documentation to be critical in helping you to understand how the ZENworks Linux Imaging Environment works and how to propagate changes to installed ZEN partitions.

Note: Because of the technical nature of the components in this package, it is intended solely for knowledgeable system administrators. Novell cannot support modified Linux Imaging Environments; we strongly urge you to thoroughly test any modifications before implementing them in a production environment.

For more information about this file, see this article.

Linux Kernel Patch

This package contains the source-code modifications to the Linux kernel currently shipping with ZENworks for Desktops v3.2 (kernel version 2.4.3) as well as for the newer kernel version 2.4.11, which includes improved support for many devices, including PCMCIA and USB devices.

These kernel modifications are used by the ZENworks Imaging Engine to correctly detect the internal geometry of older IDE hard drives. With these source-level patches, users can build customized kernels that will support ZENworks imaging.

These patches are intended solely for use with Linux kernel versions 2.4.3 and 2.4.11. A knowledgeable user may be able to modify them for use with other versions of the Linux kernel. This package contains instructions for applying the patch to the kernel source files, but not for building the new kernel. Kernel source files and instructions are available from

Note: Novell cannot provide support for user-customized Linux kernels.

For more information about this file, see this article.

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