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Reinstalling ZENworks for Desktops 3 Inventory Database

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Posted: 8 Jan 2002

Versions: ZENworks for Desktops 3, 3.2

If you ever need to install the Inventory database again, either because of database corruption, or to start fresh, just follow the steps below.

Important: Make sure you have your Site ID, Site Name, and <Volume> location of where the original database was installed. This information will be re-used during the re-install of the database. To obtain the Site ID, get the file ZfD3SITE.EXE available in TID 2957773.

  1. Remove the database by deleting the ZENWORKS\DATABASE and ZENWORKS\SCANDIR directories and all subdirectories from the <volume> where the database is installed. Then in ConsoleOne, delete the ZfD3InventoryDatabase object and the <SERVERNAME>_ZenInvService object, These objects will automatically be re-created once the database has been re-installed. And finally delete the Service Location Package.
  2. Run the ZENworks installation program. Choose the following options to install the components on the server:
    1. Select the Custom Install option.
    2. Select the ZENworks Inventory and Sybase options to reinstall the inventory part of ZfD3.
    3. Select Files and Objects.
    4. Select the NDS tree where you want to install.
    5. Click the server from the displayed list of servers you have logged into while installing.

    The installation program installs the Inventory database on the server you specify. This database is maintained in Sybase. ZfD Inventory database files should not be installed on an NFS-mounted volume of a NetWare server. At the time of installation, you must choose to install the Sybase component.

    To install the database, you must:

    1. Select the database server from the displayed list of servers connected to the tree you have logged into. The database (MGMTDB.DB) and related database files will be installed on the server you specify.
    2. Specify the volume on the database server. (Preferably the same volume and location as the original database install.) (Tip: Because the database file can grow large with every success or failure logged by ZfD, you should consider placing it on a volume other than SYS.) The installation program copies the Sybase database only.
  3. Install the latest support pack for the version of ZENworks you are running, before configuring any objects in eDirectory. (Check here for the Minimum Patch List.
  4. Re-configure the Server Package, ZfD3InventoryDatabase, and Service Location Package Objects using ConsoleOne 1.2D.1, (or greater) that was installed in a previous step. (After the installations, this version of ConsoleOne can be copied down to the workstation for faster performance.)
  5. Restart the server, or run ZfDSTART.NCF from the server console.

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