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CA Brightstor ARCserve 9 for NetWare 6 outperforms ARCserve 7

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Posted: 11 Feb 2003

In September of 2002, Novell & Computer Associates contracted KeyLabs to conduct a performance comparison of ARCserve 7 and ARCserve 9 on NetWare 6. The objectives of this effort were as follows:

  1. Document the performance of both products utilizing the same data set on the local server's Novell Storage Services (NSS) and Traditional volumes.
  2. Document the performance of both products utilizing the same data set on the remote server's NSS and Traditional volumes.

KeyLabs was engaged to verify & document the performance of ARCserve 7 vs. ARCserve 9 on the NetWare 6 platform. The performance verification was to be done in a manner that would emulate a real-world server and data model, instead of the usual benchmark that utilizes top of the line equipment and datasets tuned for performance.

KeyLabs determined that ARCserve 9 achieved equal performance, or as in most tests, exceeded the performance of ARCserve 7. Backups of a remote server using ARCserve 9, regardless of the volume type, showed a remarkable increase in performance over ARCserve 7.

[In certain tested configurations] restores that did not utilize the NetWare Agent (NWAGENT) were over 200% faster than those made with the agent. This occurred with either ARCserve 7 or ARCserve 9. Backups were faster using the NWAGENT than without, while restores were slower.


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