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Making NAL Objects Sticky

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Posted: 14 Aug 2002

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

In case you haven't noticed, NAL objects do not stick to the desktop any more. Ever since ZENworks 2, when a user drags an application object from the NAL Explorer window, the icon goes away when they reboot the workstation or when they exit NAL Explorer and re-load it.

Sticky isn't Secure

This behavior was changed to provide better management of application objects dragged to the user's desktops, and makes your desktop more secure. Here are a couple of scenarios that caused them to add this extra layer of security:

  • User1 logs in on a machine, launches the NAL Explorer Window, and drags his favorite icons to the desktop.

    In previous versions of NAL, dragging the icon to the desktop would create a *.LNK file in the Windows\Desktop directory. These files would be there permanently. The next day, User2 logs in on this machine. User2 is not associated to any of the same applications that User1 is associated to, but the icons that User1 dragged to the desktop are still there and they are accessible by User2.

  • User1 logs in on a machine and launches the NAL Explorer window. He drags his favorite icons to the desktop. The System administrator determines that User1 no longer needs to have access to all of the applications. He goes into the application object and removes User1 from the Associations page. User1 should not have access to the applications after this change is made. But, because he has dragged the icons to the desktop, he still has access to the applications.

The functionality has been changed so that when a user drags an icon from the NAL Explorer window, a file with a *.NAL extension , instead of a *.LNK extension is created. These files are temporary and will disappear when the machine is rebooted, or another user logs in. This will ensure that only the application objects that the users are associated to, will be accessible by the user. No other users will be able to gain access to applications they are not associated to.

Still want Sticky Objects?

If those scenarios don't scare you, here's a workaround:

Drag the desired icons to the Desktop from NAL Explorer, right-click Application Explorer icon, select Refresh to perform a manual refresh. Next time you login in, the user-created shortcuts will re-appear on the desktop.

For more info see TID 10018893

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