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Upgrading from ZENworks 2 or Starter Pack to ZfD 4

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Posted: 11 Dec 2002

Version: ZfD 4

We've had a great many inquiries about the proper way to upgrade to ZfD 4 from the pre-ZfD 3.x versions of ZENworks. Here's the definitive answer as contained in the upgrade documentation.

(Note: For details about how to move from ZfD 3.x, see Upgrading from ZfD 3.x to ZfD 4.

The procedures used for upgrading to ZfD 4 from ZENworks 2 or upgrading to ZfD 4 from the ZENworks Starter Pack are the same and should be followed in a specific order:

  1. Upgrading Software on User Workstations and the ZENworks Server
  2. Checking eDirectory
  3. Updating the eDirectory Schema
  4. Updating the Novell Client on Managed Workstations
  5. Installing or Upgrading ConsoleOne
  6. Upgrading ZENworks 2 Components on the Server
  7. Installing the ZfD Management Agent
  8. Installing the ZfD Middle Tier Server

Get all the details here.

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