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Backing up the ZFD 3.2 Sybase or Oracle Database

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Posted: 30 Dec 2002

You can back up the ZFD 3.2 database files by using the StartSer Utility. To use this tool:

  1. Run the backup tool on the inventory server to which you have associated a database server. If you deployed more than one database server, you must run the backup tool for each database server.
  2. The database that you back up should be configured in the Database Location policy.


To run the backup tool on NetWare or Windows NT/2000 servers:

  1. At the inventory server console, enter StartSer DBBACKUP. The database will be copied to: SYS:\ZENWORKS\DATABASE\directory_you_specify.


To restore the database:

  1. If the Inventory database server is up, stop the Storer service. At the database server console, enter StopSer Storer.
  2. Exit the Sybase database.

    On NetWare servers: At the database server prompt, enter q to stop the Sybase database.

    On Windows NT/2000: Stop the Sybase service (Adaptive Service Anywhere - ZENworks for Desktops 3).

  3. Copy the backup files, overwriting the working database files.
  4. Restart the database server.

The backup tool creates a log file, BACSTATUS.TXT, located in the ZENWORKS\DATABASE directory on NetWare and Windows NT/2000 servers. The log records the status of the backup operation. Open this text file to view the status of the backup. This file increases in size for every backup operation. Remove the existing contents of the file if you do not require the details. For further information see the ZfD3.2 Documentation.

Note - The DBBackup utility doesn't backup the NAL.DB for the NAL Reporting Database. This must be backed up manually.

For more info see TID 10069209

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